Summer is coming but is your garage door ready for it? That’s the real question, isn’t it? Getting your garage door into great shape for the coming heat should be at the top of your priority list but what do you need to do first? From springs to insulation, you have your hands full, and you need to know where to start!We’ve compiled a list of three items you should check off before June, and if you follow this list every year, your garage door should last for many more seasons. Remember: for any problems you can’t solve on your own, garage door service in Miramar is always available!

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Check Your Springs – A Basic of Garage Door Service in Miramar

Garage doors have a lot of important components, but springs are by far one of the most crucial, at least if you want the door to open automatically rather than manually. Torsion springs, for example, are vital for getting the door up and down, so what do you need to look for?

Hanging Springs –Some kinds of spring damage will be more obvious than others.Certain types of springs in your door, for example, may pop and immediately drop down, allowing you to see them the moment you walk inside. Keep in mind that if you happen to be around you will hear the spring breaking, and you can then take immediate action.

Rusted Springs –Unfortunately,not all springs survive into the summer, and while they might still be intact, a rusted spring is well on its way to breaking which means you need to act. However, replacing a spring can be extremely dangerous, so it is always best to call for Miramar garage door repair instead of attempting this fix yourself.

Springs have a lot to do with the operation of your garage door and checking on them periodically can save you a lot of trouble down the road.

Lubricate Everything

Track lubrication is another aspect of maintenance that you can not ignore; if you neglect it you may hear more noise than usual, or you might notice the garage door beginning to stall. The best approach is to use a white lithium grease rather than a water-based one as this will prevent rust, last longer, and help you avoid further issues.

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Inspect Your Insulation

Garage doors need to be insulated; not only are they the entryway to your home, but they are also what helps keeps the temperature within the structure at a comfortable level. The R-Value is the measurement for the amount of resistance to heat. A higher R-Value means your door is more capable of keeping heat from escaping the garage. Remember, the less heat you have escaping, the better your energy bill will be at the end of the month. You can have the R-Value and insulation properties of your door evaluated by obtaining the help of a garage door service in Miramar. Knowing your door is well insulated and working at peak performance to keep your utility bill down can take a lot of the worry off of your shoulders. Additionally, you should take note that some garage doors have a higher R-Value than others by default, for example, wood tends to be less conductive than steel which means you must pay extra attention to steel or aluminum garage doors if you want to avoid drafts, higher energy bills, and other issues.

The garage is one of the most important parts of your home and calling for a garage door repair company in Broward County may very well be one of the smartest things you do as a prelude to your summer.

We hope you have found this checklist helpful. Join us next week when we take a look at some common garage door problems that you can prevent with basic maintenance, as well as a few that might call for professional services.