You already know how important your garage door is to you and how much security it provides to your home, but you also know that the potential for breakdowns or malfunctions is very high. Keeping your garage door in good repair is essential in Weston, but the question, is, do you complete the repairs yourself, or call for a trained garage door service to get the job done? Today we have a few helpful hints that will lead you in the right direction.

Garage Door Service in Weston

Reasons to Call for Garage Door Service in Weston

Multiple things can go wrong with a garage door, and while you can take care of some of them, there are some that will require a professional garage door repair company. You should always call for help when dealing with any of  the following issues:

  • Broken Springs

While this problem might seem simple enough to fix, a broken spring can lead to injury should you try to do it on your own. The amount of tension required to install a spring appropriately is considerable and should be administered by a professional.

  • Track Alignment

Your garage door track must be aligned for the door to function. If one side is off, you could experience a wide range of problems including the door not opening and closing correctly, excessive noise, and even potential damage to your garage door.

  • Broken Rollers

This happens less commonly with steel rollers, but we see it a lot in nylon rollers. Regardless, rollers need occasional replacement, and this often calls for the removal of the garage door panels which is a job for garage door repair services in Weston.

  • Motor Issues

A common garage door opener issue is motor problems which can leave you with a malfunctioning door when you need it to work the most. Grinding sounds and slow response are often indicative of motor issues. However, addressing these problems early on through preventative maintenance ensures that they don’t become worse than they have to.

Garage Door Service

General Problems You Can Service on Your Own

There are some problems that you can take care of by yourself, most of which are quite easy and pose no risk to you or your garage door:

  • Clearing the Sensors

Garage doors utilize sensors near the bottom of the track to ensure that the door will not close if something is obstructing it. While this is usually intended for children or small animals, it can also be affected by debris, items in the garage, and much more. You should periodically check the sensor, clear it off, and make sure that it is properly connected.

  • Sweeping the Entrance

The weather stripping found on the bottom of your garage door needs to get a good seal which means the concrete must be clear of dirt and other debris. Sweeping this area regularly helps to keep the temperature in your garage stable while keeping your energy bill down.

  • Lubrication

To keep everything running smoothly, we recommend that you lubricate your track and rollers using a white lithium grease. Some people might tell you to use WD-40;however, it is better to avoid water-based lubricants in the case of a garage door.

While you can fix some garage door problems all on your own, there are others that you always want to leave to the professionals. Remember, some issues, if addressed incorrectly can lead to more serious problems or even injury.Avoid it all by calling the pros in the first place.