Garage doors are a crucial part of your home’s infrastructure but the cost to repair them can sometimes be high. The main question when something goes wrong, especially with your garage door is: how much is it going to cost to fix this? For garage door repair in Davie, the costs tend to vary depending on the situation, but we can address a few scenarios and the cost to fix each issue here. Remember,while the price depends on the problem, it always costs far less to call a professional for assistance right away than to let the problem fester.

Garage Door Repair in Davie

Springs – A Common Issue for Garage Door Repair in Davie

Garage door springs wear out and break over time, and as you probably know, your garage door opener cannot function without them. Torsion springs, for example, are responsible for keeping the door at a certain height in the lifted position. The cost to alleviate problems caused by your springs depends on the type of service you need. Springs by themselves are not expensive, in fact, they usually only cost about $30, but the labor often runs around $180.

Repair Cost: $100-$200

Replacement Cost: $20-$30 Plus Labor

Garage Door Opener Replacement

There is an initial cost of about $150 for the unit itself, but the average cost for a garage door opener installation is usually around$300. Certain variables can drive the price down or up which means most homeowners will pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $230 to $500. Chain driven openers, for example, cost much less to install than belt-driven garage door openers. This is a thought to consider when you are planning out future garage door service.

Unit Cost: $150

Installation Cost: $230-$500

Garage Door Installation

While the replacement of individual garage door parts is essential, you may need to replace the entire door at some point. The total cost of installation should include the door itself and the labor that is involved. Keep in mind that the type of garage door plays into the overall cost, so, for example, a wooden door typically costs more than an aluminum door, and a door with a higher R-Value also demands a higher price. Overall, the door itself will cost somewhere along the lines of $1000-$1500 while the labor cost will likely be $700-$800. For an installation this complicated, you will want to make sure that you get an estimate ahead of time.

Installation Cost: $1000-$1500

Door Cost: $700-$800

Garage Door Repair

Weather Stripping Replacement

The weather stripping at the bottom of your door helps maintain the temperature within your garage, but if it becomes damaged or falls off the door, you will need to seek repairs. This is likely the most inexpensive repair you can have performed, coming in at just $30-$80 depending on the conditions and the size of the job.

Price: $30-$80

The cost to replace or repair garage door components can be quite high, but overall it tends to be worth it. Remember, keeping up on yearly maintenance can cut down on the need for repairs, and if you employ the services of a qualified company, you can significantly increase the time between needed repairs, and save a significant amount of money.

The garage door is an essential part of your home, and as such, you want to make sure that you’re not cutting corners or choosing substandard parts. Additionally, using a company like ours for your repairs benefits you greatly in that we offer a warranty which covers your door for the foreseeable future in the event that other problems develop or there are issues related to the initial repair or installation. Finally, remember that garage door repairs can easily become a matter of safety, and proper installation is everything. For more information, call us today and get a quote on your repair or installation.