Choosing a garage door for your Hollywood home can be difficult if you are remodeling, buying a new home, or just replacing your old one. One of the most significant decisions that homeowners make for their garage door is the choice between wood or steel, both of which have benefits and significant drawbacks. A garage door is a big investment, and you want yours to go for a while without needing repair, so let’s take a look at some of the facts, and you can decide for yourself whether you want to go with a traditional steel door or a more attractive wooden one.

Garage Door Repair Service

Property Value – How Much is it Worth?

In comparison to steel, wood garage doors are clearly the winner in the beauty category; however, you will pay more for their good looks.  While they are more expensive than steel doors, they also increase the curb appeal of your home significantly which means a higher overall value. With that in mind, do consider that there are now many steel garage doors on the market that mimic the look of wood and therefore achieve the same increase in curb appeal. If budget is a concern for you, this might be the route that you want to choose.

Upkeep – What Do You Need to Do?

Our garage door repair service has seen its fair share of issues, and we can tell you with certainty that wood doors need far more regular repairs than most other types of doors, including steel. Refinishing and painting will always be par for the course with these doors, but some homeowners consider this a small price to pay considering the boost that they bring to the property value.

Threat from the Elements

Whether you live in Florida or farther north you will inevitably deal with harsh elements. Florida sees tropical storms, winds, and rains, which is something that a wooden door does not always handle well. Along with this, you must consider the insulation value of the door, as the R-Value determines how much heat escapes from your garage.  Historically, steel doors have been better in terms of insulation, but modern innovation has produced wooden garage doors that also contain adequate insulation. Regardless of your preference for wood or steel, purchasing a properly insulated door is essential to keep your garage cool during the summer months and warm during the winter.

Steel Doors – Do They Rust?

You might be shying away from steel over concerns of rust, but before you choose a wooden door, you should know that most steel doors are covered with a polyester coating which usually prevents rusting. However, if you decide to purchase a slightly cheaper steel door with a lesser coating, it is possible to experience some rusting.

Dents and scratches are another concern that goes hand in hand with rusting as they can easily contribute to steel deterioration, as any excellent garage door repair service can tell you. Fortunately, you can invest in higher density steel which minimizes this worry. The most common example is 24-gauge steel. Doors of this gauge hold up much better than doors with higher gauges, making them theoretically superior to wood doors, at least if you expect your door to see a lot of trauma in the days to come.

Garage Door Repair Service

How to Choose

How do you choose one door over the other? Some of the considerations that might come into play with your decision include:

  • Property Value – Do you need a boost in your property’s value or curb appeal?
  • Budget – Steel doors always cost far less than wood doors, making them attractive if you are on a tighter budget.
  • Environment – How much damage do you think your garage door will take each year? Wind, rain, and other elements could scratch or dent, so choose a door that is appropriate for the conditions of your area.
  • Home Aesthetics – It goes without saying that you want a door that goes well with your home’s current theme, and only you can decide what that is. Remember, many steel doors are veneered to look like solid wood which can cut down your price while still giving you the visual you want.

In the end, it is your choice; you need to decide which door will work best with your current circumstances. However, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for additional information.