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Garage Door Pros specializes in garage door repairs  Plantation, FL. With years of extensive industry experience, we have the tools and expertise to repair, install or maintain any garage door. Sadly, most homeowners believe their garage doors will stand the test of time. However, even the most durable door can experience damage due to mechanical failures and weather erosion. Similarly, your garage door can still be functioning properly –yet undergoing silent and gradual damage. With this in mind, you need professional garage door repair in Plantation. In fact, we perform detailed and thorough inspections of all doors to get to the heart of the issues.

A Reliable Door Company

Garage Door Repair in Palm BeachGarage Door Pros is always available for all garage door emergencies. This includes cave-ins, along with motors and springs that are no longer functioning. Similarly, we can repair any damaged sensors, tracks, rods, wheels and so much more. With our professional inspection services, we pinpoint the causes of your door’s malfunction and ensure timely repairs. We also offer replacement parts for all garage doors and accessories. If your door is not working properly, it must be inspected and repaired in a timely and professional manner. This will prevent any injuries to your personal property, as well as loved ones or pets. At Garage Door Pros, we are always committed to excellence in all services. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Garage door services in Plantation – repairs, adjustments, replacements and complete new installs.
  • Garage spring repair services in Plantation – repairing springs, motors, sensors, tracks, rods and remote control systems.
  • Garage door adjustments – upgrading or making slight repairs on all types of garage doors; aluminum, steel, wood, roll-out, wireless controlled, remote controlled, and more.
  • Garage door programming – we specialize in programming doors to correlate with all your systems; CCTV, camera-surveillance, car remotes, wireless remotes, central remotes and more.

Why Choose Garage Door Pros?

We continue to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews. In fact, we are genuinely concerned about protecting your garage door at all times. After all, this is where you park your vehicle(s) and store items and accessories of all types. This may include old furniture, along with entertainment centers, boxes, appliances and much more. With this in mind, we are always available to install – repair – maintain all kinds of garage doors. From residential to commercial establishments, we guarantee professional Plantation garage door services. This includes:

  • Fully certified and insured repairs, modifications, and garage door installs – replacements.
  • Complete inspection of all doors – including openers, components, and parts.
  • 24/7 emergency services available for garage door malfunctions or issues.
  • We can help you find the right replacement door for your outdated garage door.

These are four primary reasons to contact us for all your garage door needs in Plantation. We also offer repairs and services – and even network with your insurance companies to save you time and money. Our technicians are highly experienced and committed to restoring proper function to your doors. No matter how large or small the doors are – we can take care of all visible and pending problems. Here are a few more reasons to choose Garage Door Pros in Plantation, FL.

Repairing Garage Door Sensors

Company-LogoGarage door sensors detect obstacles that are blocking the unit’s path. This can include garbage cans, along with recycling bins or even bicycles. Working sensors will stop the door from opening or closing if obstacles are present. This helps protect your door, along with avoiding injuries to your vehicle or person. With this in mind, we can repair any garage door sensors in your Plantation home or business. We also replace your broken sensors with new sensors, while ensuring they correlate with your specific brand and remote control system.

Repairing Garage Door Tracks

As part of your garage door service in Plantation, we also check the door’s tracks to see if they operating properly. This includes removing and debris from the tracks, as well as making adjustments or repairing any visible issues. We also make sure the tracks are properly aligned and straight for easy opening and closing. As always, we will remove any dents or bends – and can easily install new tracks if necessary. Tracks are essential in preventing garage door stalling issues while ensuring your motors are active and running at peak performance levels.