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Garage-Services-img-home-V2-02Every time you open or close your garage door, it makes some noise. Because a garage door is so heavy and has multiple parts working together to lift it up or make it go down, it is normal that you hear some sounds. Ideally, if your garage door is properly maintained and lubricated, the sounds emanating from it sound more like humming sounds or the quiet whirring of the rollers as they move along the metal tracks. But sometimes, you may hear sounds that are different than usual and this may indicate a problem with your garage door. If left unchecked, this may escalate to bigger problems until your garage door stops functioning or breaks.

Considering how heavy a garage door is and involves many different parts, it may be a good idea to contact a garage door repair company to fix these odd sounds. Homeowners should be attentive towards any strange noises made by their garage door in order to detect problems quickly and minimize repair costs. While there are many garage door repair companies, Garage Door Pros are confident in providing you with premium garage door repair Hollywood, Florida has.

Given below are some of the noises that homeowners can consider strange or abnormal during the operation of their garage door. The possible reasons for these noises are also listed, but only professionals from a good garage door repair company can ascertain if these reasons are the cause of the noises or if there are any different or additional problems with your garage door.

  • Banging – This may signal defective panels or hinges.
  • Grinding – Generally, the cause may be inadequate lubrication of a particular part or parts of the garage door apparatus. Using a lubricant might make the grinding noise go away. Worn rollers or tracks can also cause grinding noises. This is a bigger problem and should be checked out and fixed by professionals only.
  • Rattling – This may be caused due to loose support rails or chain.
  • Squealing – This signals that your garage door may be out of balance.
  • Ticking – Worn bearings in pulleys or rollers may be the cause of any ticking sounds that you may hear.
  • Rumbling – This type of sound may be caused due to loosened spring tension.
  • Straining – Insufficient horsepower and/or a defective motor may be the cause of this.
  • Grating – Bent spring coils generally cause a grating sound when you operate your garage door.

noisy-garage-door-system-repair-fort-lauderdale-floridaRegardless of how small a sound may be, leaving it unchecked will likely lead to bigger problems with your garage door at some point. A professional garage door repair company can inspect and tune-up your garage door as well as perform any required repair services. In Florida, garage door service Hollywood is competently provided by the experienced staff at Garage Door Pros. We have a 24-hour hotline that you can call to set up appointments. You never know when a problem with your garage door may arise, and considering how important it is to keep your garage a safe and secure place at all times, getting your garage door fixed as soon as possible is critical. We are a local company that you can trust and have years of experience providing repair services any time of the day or night. Best quality service at the best price is our goal for every service call no matter how big or small the job.

As you can see above, with most of the abnormal noises associated with your garage door, getting a professional checkup and repairs is the best idea. Very limited inspection and maintenance may be done by the homeowners themselves, such as lubricating, adjusting loose hardware, or fixing a faulty garage door opener. For safety purposes and for most other repairs and service, hiring experienced professionals is imperative. Once the problem has been taken care of, you should not hear any weird noises when operating your garage door. Sometimes, external factors such as the weather or overuse can also cause noises in your garage door. No matter the reason, Garage Door Pros can get to work on your garage door and perform repairs right away!