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There comes a time when it’s necessary to install a new garage door when the old one has started to break down. Garage doors typically only last for ten years, at most fifteen if they’re maintained throughout their lifecycle. If you’re getting ready for our Fort Lauderdale garage door repair services to come by and install a new one for you, here are a few tips to get ready for your new installation.

Securing the Area

Garage Door Repair in Palm BeachIt’s no secret that garages are an important attachment for a home that is primarily used for storage alongside housing vehicles attached to the home. Garage doors keep any valuables stored in this space safe from the elements and from being snatched up by unwanted persons who may come onto the property unannounced. In the event, your old garage door has been removed already and the new one may not be installed for a day or so, it’s a good idea to secure any valuables in the vicinity. Locking the door that leads from the garage into the home, taking anything of value inside, etc.

While the chances of anyone taking anything from an open garage is slim, it’s always best to err on the side of caution instead of risking losing anything of financial or sentimental value.

Cleaning Up the Area

Our garage door repair Fort Lauderdale service are used to working in a myriad of conditions, but it’s always helpful if the worksite is clear before we arrive. Items that can interrupt the work like any sharp tools, pieces of lumber, empty paint cans, or anything that can potentially get in the way during installation should be cleared out.

The same goes for if there is anything large hanging on the walls of the garage that could be a safety hazard or be potentially knocked off during installation. Large pieces of equipment and any expensive devices should be removed and put in a safe place until the garage door installation is complete. We always take care when doing a new garage door installation, but accidents do happen and we don’t want any damages or injuries to occur on the job.

Keep the Pets and Children Clear

When doing a garage door installation, you can expect heavy equipment to be moved around and tools being handled for a seamless process. Pets and children can get in the way during these times by being overly curious or risk getting injured if they venture too close to electric motors, heavy pieces of equipment, or are near material that is incredibly heavy.

Children and pets should be brought inside of the home for their own safety until the job is complete. While we understand in most cases they’re just curious, it’s best to keep everyone safe and once the installation is done and everything is cleaned up they can come back out to check the work for themselves.

Moving Vehicles

Company-LogoOur garage door service in Fort Lauderdale is a necessity for many people since they need an expert to maintain their garage door. We do repairs often and understand how frustrating it can be when a garage door breaks and you have to take time out of your day to deal with the issue. With that being said, dealing with an installation can be a stress too since you’ll no doubt be concerned about your vehicle.

Before the installation takes place, be sure to move your vehicle to another location until we’ve gotten your new garage door up and running. This way your car is out of the way and there is no risk of anything being dropped on it or having it accidentally scratched when moving materials and equipment around. Once we’re done with the installation you can move your car back to its usual spot without being worried and go on with your normal schedule.