garage door service in Davie

Your garage door is one of the most essential parts of your home, but what happens if it stops working? You lose easy access to your home, and you may have to resort to opening it manually, which is never desirable. Many homeowners start to panic a bit as they try to troubleshoot the problem and come up with a solution, but don’t worry, there are a few primary reasons for garage door failure, all of which are simple to remedy. When you call for garage door service in Davie, they will probably give you one of the following answers.

Something is Obstructing Your Garage Door’s Photo Eye

Safety is first and foremost in garage door design of any kind, and if your photo-eye is blocked, the door will not descend. The reason for this is that the photo eye is designed to detect if anything is sitting in the path of the door as it closes; such as an animal or even a small child. Closure on such a small individual could be fatal or at least involve severe injury. While your garage door’s photo-eye can save lives, it can also become a hindrance if it is blocked by leaves, debris, or even other items that happen to be in the garage. If your door isn’t closing, make sure you take a look at the sensor, clean it off, and remove anything that could be obstructing it and adjust the photo eye as necessary.

Make Sure Your Garage Door Opener is Plugged In

In terms of garage door service in Davie, this one probably sounds super simple – and it is. Your garage door opener, which is usually located in the ceiling, can become disconnected from its power source. Whether the power outlet is aged and loose, or an impact disconnects the plug, loss of power prevents your garage door from functioning correctly. Before you call for garage door repair, make sure you look up.

Broken Torsion Springs

There is little doubt that this is something you would hear happening as it happens. When a torsion spring breaks, it’s as loud as a gunshot, and you will generally be able to hear it even from inside your home. While springs can last for a very long time, they are only rated for a certain number of cycles and will most definitely fail at some point. Spring failure is a top reason for calls to Davie garage door repair companies and is something that should only be managed by a professional. If you suspect you have a broken torsion spring first and most importantly, don’t try to open the door as it could be dangerous. Second, never try to perform the repair on your own as you could injure yourself. Having the right tools for the job is of the utmost importance.

Broken Cables

Davie Garage Door Repair

Snapped cables or even dislodged cables can cause many of the problems associated with garage doors. Sometimes a broken torsion spring can lead to a snapped cable, and in some cases, the cable can damage the wall or even the vehicle beneath. If you have a snapped cable, it is always in your best interest to call a professional to perform the replacement as this repair can be just as dangerous as fixing a torsion spring.

These four problems make up the majority of garage door issues, while the first two are minor inconveniences that any homeowner can correct, the last two require you to call for professional help. Moving some leaves or other poorly placed objects or plugging your opener into an outlet is one thing, but repairing springs and cables is another. For your safety and that of your family and possessions, you never want to DIY your garage door repairs.

Your garage door is an important part of your home; not only does it keep your car safe, but it also serves as a secure entrance to your house. Additionally, it keeps your home safe from hurricane force winds which Florida is known for. It is crucial that you make sure your garage door is in exceptional repair every single day and you can accomplish this by working with a professional Davie garage door repair company who can recognize potential problems and fix them for you the right way.