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Garage doors are one of the most essential parts of your home, but there are probably quite a few things that you don’t know about them. Today, as your certified garage door service company in Hollywood we’re going to spend some time discussing four facts about your garage door that you may not know and hopefully give you a far better understanding of your door, how it works, and how you should treat it. Let’s get started!

Fact 1: Your Garage Door Can Increase Your Property Value

There are many ways to raise your property value, but one of the best ways is to better your curb appeal. Curb appeal is the way your property looks from the street, and this often comes into play when you are assessing how much your property is worth. When you want to increase your curb appeal, the garage door is an excellent place to start, and it turns out that 71% of homeowners agree that replacing their door raises the chances of selling their home at a better price. If you are planning to replace your garage door, you should make sure to get one that matches the theme of your house as well as one that is up to Florida’s hurricane code. If you are thinking of selling your home, or if you want to make it a better space to look at, getting a new garage door installed can benefit you greatly.

Fact 2: You Should Always Leave Repairs and Service to Garage Door Professionals

If you are a person who enjoys DIY repairs around the house, your first instinct when your garage door opener fails may be to repair it yourself. However, the risk of injury is great when you are fixing something like a garage door, too great to take a chance on attempting the repair yourself. Anyone who knows anything about garage door repair will strongly suggest that you seek out top notch garage door repair services the moment you suspect that something is wrong. While you will pay a fee for such repairs, it is worth it when you consider the damage that you could cause yourself. Torsion spring replacement along with roller replacement can carry many risks; risks that you don’t want or need to take.

Fact 3: The Garage Door is the Main Entry Point for Many Homes

Your home has several entry points; a front door, a side door, a back door, and maybe even a few others. Despite that, most people state that their garage door is their main entry point. If you think about it, when was the last time you used your back door? Most homeowners climb out of their cars and walk in through the inner door, bypassing the front entirely. In fact, a national survey showed that 70% or more of homeowners use the garage door as their primary entrance, which proves just how important it is to keep your door in excellent repair.

Fact 4: Garage Doors are Big

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This seems like a pretty obvious statement, something that you probably already know, but what you might not realize is that a garage door takes up six times more space in your home than a standard entry  

door. It really draws the eye, and as mentioned before, it is essential that you choose a door that adds to your curb appeal instead of reducing it. Selecting the right garage door for your home can raise your property value and make your home more beautiful in general.

Having a garage door for your home is important, but perhaps even more important is making sure that you keep up on your garage door maintenance. Doing so ensures that your door functions correctly and can protect your home against the summer storms that Florida tends to bring. For more information, give us a call and learn more about how we function as a high-end garage door repair company in Hollywood.