Having a garage door is a responsibility that requires some work. What many people don’t realize is that there are certain maintenance routines you should carry out, and eventually you will need to hire a garage door repair professional here in Miramar. Below you’ll find our comprehensive garage door repair checklist – a necessity for any homeowner.

Item 1: Pay Attention

One of the most prevalent problems is that homeowners simply do not pay attention to their garage door so when a problem occurs, even with multiple signs leading up to it, they’re surprised. Every single time you open your garage door,pay attention to what it is doing and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is it moving smoothly?
  2. Is it making grinding noises?
  3. When you look at it, do both sides appear to be symmetrical?

On the third point, make sure you’re looking at the springs, pulleys, and cables as a malfunction with any of them could bring your door crashing down. If you notice any of these abnormalities, you should contact the garage door repair experts in Miramar to take a look at the door and prevent catastrophe.

Garage Door Maintenance

Item 2: Hardware Tightening is Key

All garage doors have one thing in common: they move up and down a lot. Your garage door may complete this cycle thousands of times every single year,and ultimately that is a lot of vibration that can potentially loosen hardware. Multiple screws, bolts, roller brackets, and more hold your garage door together,and if you notice any of them coming loose, you should use a socket wrench to set it right. We strongly recommend that you preemptively tighten your bolts every three months just for good measure!

Item 3: Roller Replacement

As you visually inspect your rollers, you should look for any cracks, wear, chips, or even bent rollers. If you find any of these issues, make sure you call for a garage door repair professional to fix it and return your door to peak performance.

While you should examine the rollers routinely, you should hire a professional inspection twice per year and full roller replacement once every seven years – this goes for both steel and nylon rollers.

Item 4: Lubricate

Your garage door has a lot of moving parts, and they all need lubrication. If you can keep all components greased properly, you will give your garage door many more years of operation, and that’s what really matters. The most common type of lubrication is white lithium grease which you can apply to your screw, chain, and other parts. You can purchase this lubricant as a spray from a garage door specialist in Miramar, or you can arrange to have it applied for you if you are unsure or uncomfortable about the process.

Item 5: Garage Door Balance

Garage door balance is more important than most people think; without proper balancing, the door must work harder to open and close which means more strain on the garage door opener unit. This ultimately leads to parts wearing out faster and you replacing the opener sooner than you would like. The best way to check if your garage door is out of balance is to pull the release handle and manually move the door halfway up; if it doesn’t stay in one place, the counterweight springs are not balanced correctly.

Remember: While you can identify the problem on your own we do not recommend that you try to fix it yourself but rather seek out the help of a professional to perform the repair. Spring adjustment is very difficult, and it is easy to damage your garage door track when handled improperly.

Garage door repair

Item 6: The Weatherstripping

When we talk about weather stripping what we’re referring to is the rubber strip affixed to the bottom of your garage door. If yours is brittle, cracked, or hanging off, you need to replace it as quickly as possible. This is a fairly easy fix. The necessary replacement piece is sold at most hardware or home improvement stores and can be installed by your garage door repair professionals in Miramar.

Item 7: Check the Tracks

Finally, make sure that you are constantly checking the tracks. Dirt and other debris can find its way inside,and when that happens, it can obstruct the rollers, making it very difficult for the door to move up and down. It is important to clean any debris and obstructions or seek out professional help to get the job done.

These seven items can help you to have a better garage door experience and reduce your costs when the time comes to call for professional repairs. Follow these steps every year for best results and check back next time for our blog on garage door lubricant and how to use it.