While it might appear to be a very simple element of your home, your garage door can be a bit of a complex beast. There are a few things you need to do to make sure that your garage door is in working order and one of the most important is identifying some of the common problems. Today we are going to examine some of these issues in depth to help you understand your garage door better and keep it in the best working condition. However, you should remember that calling for Tamarac garage door repair professionals is sometimes the only option you have.

Electric garage door opener

Remote Issues: Nothing Happens when you Press the Button

You may experience a moment of panic when you press the ‘open’ button on your electric garage door opener, and nothing happens. What’s going on? It’s worked for years! Why is it failing to work now? First, breath. Now, before you over react here are a few things that you can try:

  • Check the Battery – Yes, garage door remote batteries can die, it just takes years sometimes. If possible, change the battery in the remote and try again.

  • Try Another Remote – It is always possible that your remote is bad and if that is the case, try your backup. If it works, you have identified the problem.

  • Try the Manual Button – You have a manual garage door opener mounted to your wall; use it. If you press that button and it works, then you definitely have a problem with your remote.

Assuming that none of these fixes work, you may have an electrical problem,and there is no shame in calling garage door repair professionals in Tamarac to come to check things out.

The Door is Stuck – Now What?

Garage doors get stuck more often than you might think,and there are usually two causes:

  • Something is Blocking the Door from Closing
  • Something is Holding the Door Back

Assuming that the door is being held back, you might look into the close force safety mechanism. This is a sensor that can detect if the door is requiring more force than usual to close. This is normally an easy fix as you can change the door force by twisting a knob on the opener itself. Keep in mind that while you could reduce this number to zero, it is best to speak to a garage door repair professional in Tamarac to prevent damage to your door, track, car, or even yourself.While it can be a nuisance, especially if the difference is negligible the design of this sensor is meant to preserve the integrity of the door and prevent safety issues.

If you are experiencing either of the problems mentioned,you should set to work looking for visual anomalies including:

  • Debris in the Track
  • Bent Track
  • Broken Springs
  • Hanging Springs

Sometimes the problem might be as simple as pulling debris out of the track. Other times it can be much more complicated, and you will need to contact an experienced garage door repair company here in Tamarac.

Garage door tune up

Issues with Springs and Cables

If you don’t already know quite a bit about garage door springs, and how often people get injured by them, here is a little research, as we’ve posted a few blogs on them,but there are also cables that can break. It takes years or even decades for this to happen, so the older your garage door is the greater the chance you will have a broken cable or spring.

Sectional Panel Issues

Bent sectional panels in your garage door are the most obvious problem and probably the most alarming. Maybe you backed out of your garage too quickly,or the weather could have simply warped your door. Either way, if the curvature of your garage door has changed, you will need to correct it before the track becomes bent and creates a safety issue. In fact, if you have a bent panel, it might just be time to replace the entire door.

These common garage door problems can throw a wrench in your plans and may require a professional repair job. If you find that maintaining your garage door is too difficult to manage or that you simply cannot find the problem, don’t hesitate to call for professional help; that’s what we are here for and honestly, fixing your garage door issue could be more important than you think! Prevent the biggest problems and preserve your safety, and let us give you a garage door tune up today.

Tune in for our next post where we talk about preventive maintenance and what you can do to make sure your garage door stays intact and functional all season long.