The time has come: You need to choose a new garage door,and you’re not sure how to go about it. One thing you know for sure is that it has to be done correctly as the garage door has become one of the most important parts of a home’s façade. Ultimately, they all perform a similar function but, their appearance will instantly boost your home value. Today, you need to focus on selecting an absolutely beautiful but also functional garage door, and there are a few factors that you should take into consideration when you’re shopping.

It’s All About Material

When you’re shopping for your garage door the following probably come to mind:

  • Maintenance
  • Design
  • Cost
  • Durability

There are a few different choices, as you already know, but what are the pros and cons? What should you really be going for? We’re going to take a moment to go over a few of the different material types to help you decide which direction you want to go.

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Aluminum – The Standard Choice

Most garage doors that you see today are made of aluminum and for a good reason. Did you know that aluminum requires very little maintenance if any at all? That’s because it is highly resistant to rust, salt, and even humidity. These three factors alone make aluminum garage doors the optimal choice for individuals who live in Florida.

Steel – A Tougher Option

The primary reason that homeowners choose steel over aluminum is the advantage of strength that it has over other materials. Steel can withstand strong winds and is even resistant to physical damage. The big problem, however, is that if it is scratched or even dented it can start to rust if not treated immediately. If you think about it, you don’t often go out and look at your garage door which can make it easy to overlook small areas of damage until it is too late.

Wood – Not Always What It Seems

While there are in fact many doors made from wood, there are just as many that are created using a veneer instead. Veneers are an overlay that looks like wood but comes at a much lower cost than a full wood door. Veneers doors also last longer which makes them the preferred alternative for nearly anyone that wants the wood look but doesn’t want the responsibility. If you do choose to go with wood,you will have to deal with painting, staining, and potential damage.

Fiberglass – Your Choice of Designs

This is a popular choice among homeowners because it can turn into anything you want. Fiberglass is available in both wood and metal style designs, and while it does cost more than metal, it costs much less than solid wood. The biggest drawback is that it can be damaged easily when hit, but it gives you the best of both worlds.

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How Do You Choose a Style?

There is no one ‘right’ answer when it comes to choosing a garage door. In the end, you need to choose a good style that complements your home.  Take the traditional home for example; you might want a garage door that simply blends in, but if you have a modern home it might be in your best interest to choose something made from glass or steel. The style possibilities are endless, and so are the color options for your garage door. However, color coordination is key,and if you are at all unsure about your matching skills, you should enlist the opinion of a designer or a garage door professional.

Finding the right door can be difficult, but you do need to make sure that you spend some time on it to ensure that you get the result you want and a door that you can be happy with. Changing out your garage door could come as the result of moving into a new home, replacing it after many years, or preparing for a new build. No matter what the circumstance happens to be, you have lots of great options at your disposal; start looking into them now and make sure you have an amazing door that fits the style of your home.