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Whether you’re dealing with an older house that has declined in stability over time, a house that’s sustained structural damage due to storms or other natural causes, or a house that simply wasn’t built properly, a foundation that has shifted can cause major problems in a number of ways. One problem? A shifting foundation can wreak havoc on a garage door.

Most of the time, a shifting foundation occurs when the foundation process is rushed during construction. Soil needs to settle fully, and then an adequate amount of gravel and sand need to be laid before pouring the concrete foundation in order to support the construction; when this process is rushed, you can usually bank on the foundation shifting over time.

How a Shifting Foundation Affects the Garage Door Repair Davie

Garage doors impacted by shifting or poorly laid foundations usually end up bending or breaking. This is especially the case when the shifts of the foundation cause forces to put pressure on the garage door laterally. Even if the garage door itself doesn’t break, the components that work together to open and close it often do simply because of the strain caused by the shift. Foundation issues can also result in a door that closes unevenly, and leaves room for intruders (pests and people), neither of which are welcome when uninvited.

What To Do

If you notice that your foundation may have shifted or may be shifting gradually, proactively confront the situation by addressing it as quickly as possible. Though your garage door may not be the only thing that you’re worried about, it is one thing that can be expensive if you delay the issue. If you suspect something may be wrong with your foundation, save yourself money in the long haul for the sake of your garage, and contact a foundation expert today. Perhaps your foundation has been corrected, but you’re still wondering if the shift has impacted your garage, and if it would work better with a couple of major (or minor) tweaks. Our Davie garage door experts can address any garage door issues caused by foundation shifting.

What Kinds of Issues Can Be Fixed?

Davie garage door expertsEven if your garage door isn’t completely broken, you may suspect something’s not right simply because of the noise it makes during opening and closing. Every garage door is equipped with springs, rollers, and cables that are sufficiently lubed to get the opening and closing job done well. Over time, after a foundation has shifted, the door may not open or close quite as smoothly, and it may become a little louder. But why? Lube is very important to the garage door function; it’s also important to note that the majority of the lube changes in consistency over time anyway, regardless of whether or not there’s a foundation issue.

When lube thins out over time, it causes the cables, springs and rollers to grind relentlessly against each other, rather than gliding smoothly by. Pair this natural occurrence with a foundation shift? You’re bound to be faced with an extremely loud and disruptive door. Rough grinding and wear and tear without proper lubrication and on a shifted track can easily cause an annoyingly loud noise at best, or a broken spring, an off track roller, or a snapped cable at worst.

Maybe noise isn’t your problem; maybe your foundation has caused a bigger one: the door doesn’t even work. One of the main causes of a broken door is broken springs – usually caused by extreme weather, a shifting foundation and impact that causes, or lack of maintenance. Broken springs can result in a door that doesn’t move when the motor does, also a door that’s extremely loud and disruptive as it works. Another common problem with doors that won’t open and close? A broken roller.

A broken roller will cause the door will jump off its tracks as it opens and closes; this can be very dangerous for anyone around the door, so this problem should be fixed right away. Finally, other common reasons your garage door won’t open: snapped cables, overhead failures, and off track doors – all problems that can occur with the trauma of a foundation that has shifted either rapidly or gradually. All of this sounds scary, but rest assured if you have one of these issues, call us to schedule an appointment and have an experienced professional come check it out and provide you with an estimate for service.

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