Garage Door Repair Service in WestonA large portion of those who own homes live in the world of garage doors, yet still they know nothing about them. What is that noise its making? Why won’t it open? What’s the best way to take care of it and preserve its life? Does it need to be fixed or replaced? We do garage door repair in Weston, and we want our customers to know what’s going on with their garage doors. We understand that efficient, timely service and competitive rates are what’s important you, so we promise to take care of all your garage door repair needs while holding ourselves to the highest standard.

The first step in inquiring about a repair is to email or call to have one of our friendly professionals come to your home today. In this first visit, we’ll simply investigate the situation to determine just what needs to be done to repair the issue. What are possible issues, causes, and solutions for your garage door? We put together a quick guide to garage doors from your Garage Door Repair Service in Weston to help answer that question.

It’s SO Loud!

One of the most common complaints we hear from customers who are unsure of whether or not their garage is actually broken… noise. They know it’s not normal (after all, it didn’t used to make noise), but it still functions so they call us wondering whether or not there’s even a problem.

Every garage door is equipped with springs, rollers, and cables that are sufficiently lubed to get the opening and closing job done well. Over time, without routine maintenance, the door doesn’t work quite as smoothly, and becomes a little louder. But why? Lube is very important to the garage door function; it’s also important to note that the majority of the lube changes in consistency when the weather changes.

For example, an extreme swing in colder temperatures may make the lube a thinner consistency, causing the cables, springs and rollers to grind relentlessly against each other, rather than gliding smoothly by. Rough grinding and wear and tear without proper lubrication can easily cause an annoyingly loud noise at best, or a broken spring, an off track roller, or a snapped cable at worst.

It Won’t Open!

Have you found yourself without a functioning garage door? Chances are you may put off calling about a noisy door for a while, but you’ll call very quickly to figure out why your door won’t open (or close). One of the main causes of a broken door is broken springs – usually caused by extreme weather or lack of maintenance. Broken springs can result in a door that doesn’t move when the motor does, also a door that’s extremely loud and disruptive as it works. Another common problem with doors that won’t open and close? A broken roller.

A broken roller will cause the door will jump off its tracks as it opens and closes; this can be very dangerous for anyone around the door, so this problem should be fixed right away. Finally, other common reasons your garage door won’t open: snapped cables, overhead failures, and off track doors. All of this sounds scary, but rest assured if you have one of these issues, call us to schedule an appointment and have an experienced professional come check it out and provide you with an estimate for service.

How Can I Take Care of It?

Weston garage doorThere are things you can do to minimize repairs in the future; taking care of your garage door is vital to a healthy life for it. Regular maintenance for garage doors is non-negotiable, if you want to avoid throwing money away with repairs. Extreme weather, trauma, wear and tear, and frequent use all add to the breakdown of a well working garage door system: without some regular TLC, the system will break down and ultimately repairs will be more expensive. Do your best to avoid expensive repairs by entrusting one of our professionals to come out regularly in order to conduct proper maintenance on your garage door.

They’ll check all of your gears and your motors, check your springs, rollers, openers and various other parts to help you catch small issues before larger ones start. Our experts are experienced and certified in keeping garage doors on track and functioning correctly from the get go. Don’t neglect routine maintenance in favor of saving a few dollars here and there – it could cost you dearly when that big garage door emergency surfaces.

Simply stated, we pride ourselves in quality service and strive to each customer by educating them, addressing and correcting their garage door needs, and by giving them the best quote possible. Estimates are free and easily initiated via a phone call or an online form… it doesn’t get much better than that 954-8309661.