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The garage door is a focal point of any home when it comes to keeping out weather, debris, and sheltering the contents of the garage. Maintenance for garage doors is not a subject many people consider when it comes to this area of their home. It’s often forgotten until the garage door comes crashing down in a loud screech and the owner has to take time out of their day to wait for the repairman to show up.

What Are Signs a Garage Door is Breaking Down?

Garage door repair in Plantation is a necessity with the high humidity in Florida, so things tend to break down at a faster rate. One of the signs a garage door is beginning to break down if it starts to make screeching sounds when it’s rolling up and down. This can be a sure sign the collision springs are starting to give way and it’s a precursor to the collision springs breaking.

The screeching can also be a sign that the garage door needs to be oiled which may be the cause of the noise. Keeping the moving components of the garage door well-oiled will help to keep it working smoothly and at full capacity.

When Should People Have Their Garage Door Repaired?

Garage door repair in PlantationOn average, garage doors will begin to break down over a long period of time depending on how often they’re used each day. Garage doors that are used twice a day will typically last ten to fifteen years and when used three times a day that number will be cut in half. When owners don’t do regular maintenance to ensure the integrity of their garage doors they continue to break down to the point where they’re non-operational.

Most garage door repair in Plantation is a necessity since these components of a home need to be maintained. The materials a garage door is made from will also play a major role in how often they need to be maintained. Wood garage doors, for example, will have to be repainted every few years to keep them protected from the elements. Steel garage doors should be checked every couple of months for rust and if any is found, wash the rust away before it can compromise its integrity.

Owners should have their garage doors checked at least once a year to ensure all the components are fully functioning and continuing to work. Relying on a professional to check on the garage door will help to catch any problems before they become worse and will save owners a large repair bill down the line. The last thing any owner wants is to have their daily schedule come to an abrupt halt when trying to get out the door in the morning.

How Can People with Residential Homes Lessen the Chance of Their Garage Door Breaking Down?

The Plantation garage door service has always made ourselves readily available to help out owners when they need a repair done. We understand the hassle people go through when their garage door breaks down and they want to return to their normal schedule. We do repairs efficiently to help people be on their way instead of having to wait around to get their car out of the garage.

The best way owners can lessen the chances of their garage door breaking down completely is to recognize the signs when it begins to break down and to do spot check maintenance. Spot check maintenance is easy and requires just a few tools and time to do. The maintenance involved cleaning down the tracks and keeping them clear of debris, checking the rollers, and oiling any parts of the garage door that may need it.

Doing regular maintenance will help a garage door to last for well over a decade along with having the proper repairs done when it’s necessary. We strongly encourage owners to give us a call if their garage door shows of the telltale signs it’s starting to break down.