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When they’re working, you don’t think about your garage doors. When they malfunction, it becomes a problem. Suddenly you don’t have access to your garage anymore! So, why won’t it open? There are lots of reasons why, and it may take you some trial and error to find out why. Here are some common issues that Hollywood garage door repair services have come across, and how you can diagnose them.

Why Won’t The Garage Door Open?

More often than not, the issue that’s stopping your garage door open is actually quite simple. What makes it complicated is that you may have to do some sleuthing before you can get the issue fixed. Here are some of the most common reasons why the door won’t open:

  • Garage Door ServiceThe photo-eye is blocked: The photo-eye shoots a laser across the doorway, and if it’s interrupted, it won’t let the garage door shut. It’s a safety measure that protects both your family and your car. If the eye is blocked or damaged, it may not be letting it shut. Give the eye a clean with a tissue, and check whether the lead to the eye has become damaged. If it has, it may not be working.
  • There’s no power: It sounds obvious, but if the door opening mechanism isn’t plugged in, then it isn’t going to work. Check that the mechanism hasn’t been unplugged, or that a power cut isn’t stopping it from working. If it is the issue, all you have to do is restore the power to get it working again.
  • The torsion springs are broken: The torsion springs are the first things to usually go on a garage door, and they’re usually only rated for a certain number of cycles. If a garage door repair company are called out, it’s usually for this. If you hear a loud noise rather like a firecracker or a gunshot, then it’s usually the springs that have gone. You will need to call out a repair company to deal with this.
  • The sensitivity is off: This usually happens to newly installed garage doors. If the door won’t open, or it’s opening at the wrong time, then it’s probably the sensitivity is off. Check your manufacturer’s instructions as they’ll tell you how to reset the sensitivity.
  • The remote control isn’t working: If you’re trying to open the door and it won’t do it, it may be the remote control may be to blame. It really should be the first thing you check if this happens to you. You may need to change the batteries in the remote or check that the sensor on the car is hanging down from it properly so it can be read by the door sensor.
  • The door is off the track: Sometimes the door can come off the track, and this stops it opening. This can happen if the cables or springs snap. If this is the case, there may be bumps in the door, or obstacles stopping it from shutting. If you suspect this is the case, you’ll need to call in the professionals.

Getting Your Garage Door Fixed

As you can see, there are two different kinds of issues stopping your garage door shut. One is a simple fix that can be handled within minutes. The other is a larger issue that’s best handled by an expert.

Examine your garage door and see if you can determine the fault. If it’s a simple one, such as the photo-eye being blocked, fix the issue and try it again. If this doesn’t work, or you suspect a bigger issue is at fault, you’ll need to call in garage door repair services Hollywood.

This service will come in, examine your garage door, and make an assessment as to what work needs doing. This is always the best option if you’re unsure, as any attempts to repair yourself can actually cause more damage in the long run.

There are a few different reasons why your garage door may not be opening. Use these tips to diagnose your door, and call for help if you need it. No matter how complicated it is, a repair service can help.