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Like anything else mechanical, your garage door will need care to keep it working at optimal capacity. Accidents happen and parts wear out, so you need to keep an eye on your door to ensure it’s in top condition. Here are some safety tips to help you keep your garage door working perfectly, and your home safe.

When In Doubt, Call An Expert

Before you do anything with your garage door, it’s worth knowing that you can call the experts if you need to. If you’re not sure, or think the job is outside of your skill set, then you can call a Weston garage door repair company to take a look at it for you.

This can often be the best move if something needs to be repaired or replaced. Sometimes it’ll be covered by your warranty, and if you attempt to repair something yourself you could actually invalidate it. If you feel repairs need to be made, then maybe it’s worth giving your local repair company a call.

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Inspect Your Garage Door Regularly

The first tip for keeping your garage door in working order is to inspect it regularly. Take a look at the springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys for signs of wear. If they’re looking worn or broken, it may be time to get them replaced. This will be the time that you call your local garage door repairs Weston and get those issues seen to.

Teach Kids Safety At The Door

If you have children, you want them to be safe around your garage door. That means you should keep the garage door controls out of their reach, and not allow them to play with them. It’s also worth teaching them the safe way to use the garage door. That means no hanging off it or playing with it, and keeping their fingers away from the mechanism when it’s moving.

Test The Auto Reverse

Any garage door made after 1991 should have an auto-reverse feature. That means that if it touches something in its path, it should reverse away from it right away. Give this a test by lying a package of paper towels in its side in the path of the door, and close it. If not, then you may need to adjust the settings or call in an expert to fix it.

Unplug The Opener When You’re Away

If you’re going on vacation, then ensure that you’re unplugging the garage door opener before you go. This stops anyone gaining access to your home, as even if they have the garage door opener technology needed for your door, it won’t work. It’s a simple trick but it works well to keep your home safe.

Read The Manual

It’s surprising how many people never read the manual for their garage door. Make sure you read yours, so you know what to do if something breaks down or goes wrong with your garage door. It’s also a good idea to learn how to activate the door’s quick release feature, in case you need to. That way you won’t panic if the worst happens.

Never Leave The Door Partially Open

garage door repairs WestonIt may seem like a good idea to keep the door partially open if you’re going in and out of your garage, or just leaving it for a moment. There’s a couple of reasons why you should never do this. Firstly, it weakens your home security and gives easy access to those who may try and get in. As well as this, when you reactivate it may travel downwards, hitting whatever’s in its path. Instead, keep the door shut when it’s not in use.

Keep Passcodes Secret

Most garage doors now use some kind of passcode, in order to allow you access to your garage. Whatever you do, don’t share that passcode with anyone else. Some garage door models offer one time codes you can give to others, for example, if you’re having a package delivered. Use these when needed, to keep the main code safe.

These tips will keep you and your home safe, no matter what. It’s all a matter of being careful how you use your door and maintaining parts when needed.