Garage Door Safety TipsGarage doors are responsible for injuring thousands of people each year, they’re one of the heaviest and largest moving objects in any home. It’s a piece of machinery you don’t want to mess with, garage doors being the result of up to 15,000 people reporting being injured by one nationwide according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System.

Accidents happen and at times they are unavoidable, but with a garage door, it’s best to steer clear and let the experts handle them when something goes wrong. We wanted to share a few safety tips to help stay safe when around these large, moving objects.

Keeping Track of Fingers

The garage door repair  Sunrise we have to offer takes safety into account first whenever work has to be done on one of these heavy pieces of machinery. A key piece of advice to keep in mind is to keep your fingers and toes clear when a garage door is opening and closing. The panels in a garage door can easily pinch and potentially seriously injure a finger that is placed in between the shifting panels.

Children, in particular, should be taught to keep their fingers clear of the garage doors to avoid having them pinched. The NEISS has reported that over 7,500 injuries have occurred as a result of fingers getting caught in between the door sections. There are a handful of newer doors that do come with pinch protection to reduce the risk of finger injuries, but it’s still good to steer clear.

Ensure the Safety Sensors Do Their Job

One of the aspects of our garage door service in Sunrise is checking to make sure they’re still operational. One of the most important safety features for any garage door is the safety sensors since they detect if a person or animal happens to be in its path. The job of these sensors is to make the garage door go in the opposite direction if its path is blocked.

Testing this is simple and can be done with an object like a broom, box, or any other object that is serviceable. Pushing the control button should cause the garage door to stop immediately and to reverse, but if it doesn’t give us a call.

Keeping Secrets

Keypads are becoming a popular alternative for people since it’s an easy way to provide a way for friends or family to get inside without having to lend them a key. One thing to keep in mind though is to keep these passwords private and user specific, not to share them with just anyone. Changing the password every couple of months is a good way to ensure the security of the garage door. There are even smartphone apps now that offer finer control over a garage door by enabling people to close and open it at will.

It’s Not a Toy

Garage Door Safety TipsAs a garage door repair company, we are constantly on the lookout for finding ways to ensure they’re in good working order. There are times when emergencies will occur without any rhyme or reason, but there can also be undue stresses made by people tampering with the garage door.

There are children who are tempted to hang off of the handle of the garage door as it’s opening and closing. It seems like a ride for the kids but exposes them to hazards that could lead to potentially serious injuries. Teaching children that the garage door is not a toy, but a hazard will ensure they stay away and don’t mess with it.

Garage doors may not seem like they’re dangerous, but they have been known to cause serious harm to people. If a garage door is not working properly give our garage door repair company a call to come fix the problem. We’ll handle the matter and ensure your garage door is working efficiently and safely. Contact us today for more information about our services.