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Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 3.55.51 PMAs a garage door owner, one of the big questions on your mind might be whether or not extreme weather can have an effect on the springs and the door itself. The short answer is yes, which is one of the most common reasons that you might find yourself calling for garage door repair  Miramar. So here it is: how is your garage going to handle a major change in temperature as the door opens? Garage door springs and even the doors themselves tend to expand and contract, and it doesn’t help that they’re doing both at the same time.

The Search for Appropriate Garage Door Materials

If you live in an area where the temperature is constantly fluctuating on both sides of the door then you might want to consider looking into alternative materials. If your garage door is wood, for example, then you might want to consider vinyl or composite door materials that give you the look that you are going for without the threat of constant bowing. Now, when most people think of extreme temperatures on their garage door, they think of the cold, but did you know that hot weather can be just as big of a problem? That’s right, and we’re going to look at why.

Intense Heat and your Garage Door

If you have a cooled garage door space and you are experiencing extreme heat outside, then you’ll want to start looking into different types of materials that give you the custom look that you are going for without the typical bowing and bending that you’ve come to expect. Most of the alternatives are made with a steel frame which helps to alleviate the aforementioned risks. That said, they are much better for garages where there is a noticeable climate difference.

Hot Weather and your Garage

Even if your garage is not sitting in direct sunlight it is still going to heat up. In the event that you do have direct sunlight, you could experience several other problems. For example, direct sunlight can confuse the garage door sensor and make it think that there is something blocking the door when in reality there is not. One popular fix for this is to shade the sensor so that the door can open and close unimpeded.

Getting the Right Garage Door Service

opener repair Garage Door repair in North LauderdaleNo matter what the problem is with your garage door, you’re going to need to make sure that you are able to call on the professionals to get the repair job done. Admittedly you could probably try the DIY approach when something goes wrong, but you need to understand that the garage door is a very intricate, very complex system. One change can cause untold effects that may very well cause your garage door to malfunction later. By calling in the professionals for this job, you are ensuring that the issue is not only fixed but that any other issues stemming from it are taken care of.

In addition to that, most garage door repair companies, including ours, offer a guarantee to ensure that later issues are fixed if they relate to the original problem. This is something that will save you a considerable amount of time and money, so make sure that you are taking it into consideration when you look at your garage door and try to decide on whether or not you should fix it yourself.

From emergency garage door service in Miramar to the correction of minor issues, we have what you need and we’re ready to render the best service.