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broken springsGarage door springs are an extremely important part of any setup, and if they fail, you’re going to be in a world of hurt, to put it mildly. That being said, you need to know just when to call for garage door repair Weston, and when you should simply let it side. Let’s take a look at four signs that you absolutely need to have your garage door springs repaired.

Sign 1: The Door is Making a Lot of Noise

Garage doors tend to make a lot of noise, but you don’t need us to tell you that. The thing with this, however, is that with a broken spring can make a LOT more noise than you’re used to. It could be creaking, speaking, grinding, or making all manner of other noises when you open it, and that is a sure sign that you need to get around to replacing it.

Sign 2: Stopping and Going

Sometimes you might open your garage door and find that it only goes up five or six inches before stopping and shutting. This is a safety measure, and it is triggered by the force adjustment becoming activated. This is clearly a case of a broken spring and it needs to be fixed immediately if you are to continue using the garage door effectively.

Sign 3: Slow Moving Garage Door

Your garage door should move up and down relatively quickly but if it doesn’t, then you certainly have a problem. When we say that it is moving slowly, we generally mean that it takes more than thirty seconds for the door to reach the top. Any slower and it is not only inconvenient, it is damaged. Essentially, this means that a spring is broken and that the door is too heavy for the motor to lift. This keeps the motor from reaching the normal speed, and you need to make sure you immediately contact

Sign 4: You are Unable to Lift the Door

71D136fSYPL._SL1500_While automatic garage door openers are great, the springs are designed so that the door can be lifted manually in the event something goes wrong. If you cannot lift your door, there is a good chance that something has gone wrong with the springs and you will need to have them serviced as soon as possible.

These are all potentially nasty problems that will call for garage door repair, but they are nothing that cannot be fixed or even prevented. If you want to keep your garage door in good shape at all times, then we would strongly recommend that you schedule a bi-monthly inspection of your garage door opener, the tracks, the springs, rollers, and of course the door itself. This will serve to save you quite a bit of trouble in the coming days and will help to ensure that you don’t have to experience the disaster of pulling into your driveway and finding that your garage door doesn’t work. It might seem like a small thing right now, but it’s going to be a big thing when the time comes!

If you notice any of these four signs, make sure you call for professional help and that you get the job done. It’s more important than you realize, and it will keep your door working for many years to come. Don’t put it off – call right now!