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The garage door is one of the hardest working elements in your home if you think about the number of times you lower and raise it. For numerous homeowners, it acts as an actual front door. However, all the heavy lifting results in wear and tear to the garage door.

Consequently, some of its moving components are likely to break down eventually and there’s a probability your door springs will be the first to go. In this case, garage door repair Weston is ready to provide professional services.

Beware that garage springs can be very hazardous when they break, so you’d rather contact our experts from Weston garage door repairs for reliable services. Here’s what you should know about garage springs.

The Importance of Garage Springs

FXMZB17HLSHHDNI.MEDIUM-300x225Your garage door springs are among the most significant elements because they help lift the garage door whenever you open it. These components seek to counteract the gravity force on the door. Essentially, this implies that they’re supposed to make the door light enough for you to lift it.

The springs store considerable energy that they produce to lift garage doors. When these springs become worn out or damaged, breakage is possible and this could become a huge problem with the door unless you contact garage spring repair for immediate replacement.

If you discover your door no longer opens properly, this probably means that the springs are damaged and need replacement. The two types of garage springs are torsion and extension.

Torsion springs

These are usually directly above the garage door and at times, you can locate them on the rear particularly on older homes. When installing appropriately, these springs balance the door. This implies that the door must take a similar amount of pressure to close and open.

You’ll discover that a properly balanced door is easy to lift. These springs are available in sets ranging from 1-4 depending on the size and weight of the door. They need fewer parts and tend to be more long-lasting and less unsafe upon breakage compared to extension springs.

Extension Springs

These kinds contract and expand when you lower or raise the motor manually. Generally, two of them are joined to the tracks found along the ceiling on every side of your door. It’s imperative to know that they can be volatile upon breakage. For this reason, they work with safety cables.

Why You Need to Examine Door Springs

Door springs usually break because of the impact of changing the weather from really cold or hot weather. If there’s a problem, you’ll want to fix or replace them. Fortunately, spring replacement is a common maintenance effort at garage door repair company Weston. When you contact us, you can be certain that our trained and experienced technicians know how to substitute springs appropriately, accurately, and promptly.

We take pride in assisting our clients with their garage needs. You’ll be glad to know that a spring replacement doesn’t need but a brief visit from our professionals.

The Dangers associated with a DIY Spring Replacement

garage-door-spring-replacement-300x225With the plethora of information available on the internet, it’s easy to know how to perform numerous home remodeling and maintenance projects. However, an inexperienced person shouldn’t handle every repair.

One of the most significant maintenance tasks you shouldn’t try in your home is substituting your garage door’s spring. The springs hold considerable tension, so it’s very dangerous to attempt a DIY replacement. A major reason why people sustain injuries from replacing these components is due to the construction of old garage doors.

New doors typically feature safety cables, so in the event that a spring was to break; the spring would remain in place. On the other hand, old doors lack the safety mechanism, causing the door spring to break under tension. The result is a spring that penetrates through walls causing injuries, scratches on vehicles, or injures you while attempting to replace it.

Garage springs could last between 5-7 years on average, so they don’t need frequent replacement. However, when it’s time for replacement, it’s imperative you contact professionals with the right skills and tools to complete the task without causing property damage or injuring people. The only way to ensure your spring remains remain in a good condition is by scheduling regular maintenance with us.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t pay much attention to your garage door springs. However, these components play an important role in the functioning of your garage door. Therefore, it’s important you identify when they’re due to replacement or repair. Fortunately, we’re ready to advise you accordingly if you’re experiencing issues with your door.