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Garage door rollers play a pivotal part in garage door functionality and performance. In fact, these units run in the track to help hold the door in its proper position. Similarly, rollers are responsible for proper door alignment and help ensure hassle-free opening and closing along the door’s tracks. With properly performing garage door rollers, you get less resistance when opening and closing the garage door. However, if the rollers are squeaky and causing halts – you may need professional garage door repairs Sunrise.

How many Garage Door Rollers do you need?

Most garage doors across North America require 10 rollers at least. However, there are different types of doors with different strengths. With this in mind, you may need more or less than 10 rollers for optimal performance and delivery. For example: most residential garage doors are 7 ft. high and require 10 rollers on the standard for operation. However, if you have an 8 ft. tall garage door, you will probably need about 12 rollers in total. At Garage Door Pros, we can inspect your doors in Sunrise and let you know the exact amount of rollers needed.

Sunrise Garage Door Rollers

garage door repairs SunriseAs your premier Sunrise garage door repair specialists, we are committed to excellence in all installations, repairs, and services. This includes door tracks, rollers, sensors and even correlation with existing home alarm systems and CCTV. When it comes to rollers, many homes across North American have garage doors that struggle to up and down.

This includes straggling and squeaky doors, which are directly attributed to lack of maintenance. These issues usually manifest into extensive repairs and almost always include poorly maintained or outdated rollers.

With this in mind, here are some garage door roller types that you should consider for upgrades and updates.

Plastic Rollers with No Ball Bearings

Plastic rollers are the industry standard for any new garage door. These rollers are made of plastic, and the stem has no ball bearings. You can get about 2-3 years of good life out of plastic rollers before they need to be replaced.

Plastic rollers are cost-effective solutions for home builders as well. These units are perfect for entry-level garage doors and will perform well for your initial garage door investment. However, proper maintenance – which may include garage door oil for rollers – is essential in maintaining their longevity and performance.

Steel Rollers with Ball Bearings

Steel rollers are a great upgrade from standard plastic rollers. These units have 7 ball bearings that can be lubricated – and will last you for over 5 years. However, steel rollers are not as quiet or smooth as plastic rollers. We also recommend 10 ball bearing steel rollers for optimal performance and longevity.

Nylon Rollers with 10 Ball Bearings

Nylon rollers are made of heavy duty to prevent common wear and tear. These units are equipped with 10-ball bearings and provide a quiet experience as they go up and down the steel tracks. We also recommend premium 13- ball bearing garage door rollers. These essentially last longer and have more bearings for smoother and quieter operation.

Commercial Garage Door Rollers

garage door repair in SunriseWe also feature an extensive selection of rollers for commercial garage doors. These are great for tackling everyday inclement and harsh weather elements. For heavy doors, we can install – service – and maintain heavier rollers that are designed to last for 100,000 cycles. While these units are more expensive than other rollers, they are specifically designed for commercial applications and environments. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Venues that require quiet opening and closing of garage doors daily; hospitals, apartment complexes, retail stores, storage lots and much more.
  • High-end rollers that guarantee year-round performance for businesses, industrial venues, commercial buildings, real-estate venues, and other industries and sectors.
  • Double-sealed precision ball bearings are factor pre-lubed and designed specifically for commercial applications that have high-moisture lubricant for wet areas.
  • Garage door rollers also keep your door from coming off of their track. They play a pivotal role in optimal alignment and keep the door’s cables in place as well.

For more information on garage door repair in Sunrise, simply contact us today or visit our website.