Storms can tear through everything that is in their path and wreak devastation on citizens and homeowners. If you have been fortunate enough not to encounter first-hand the destruction that a storm can cause, you most certainly have seen pictures of the aftermath of a storm on TV or online. Loss of power, ripped roofs, cracked windows, house parts blown away, doors blown in, and any other storm damage can be dangerous and very costly to fix.

Keep Your Door Safe During a StormHave you ever given thought to how your residence would hold up in a storm? Have you taken any measures to reinforce your house, especially if you are in a hurricane-prone area like Florida? You might be surprised to know that while you may first consider your rooftop, doors, and windows, your garage door is typically the principal doorway to collapse during a storm. Unless it is appropriately reinforced, your garage door is actually the most vulnerable to storm damage. Considering this information, how can you keep your garage door in Tamarac intact during a storm?

Keep Your Door Safe During a Storm

There are some valuable steps you can use to secure your garage door when a storm is heading your way.

First, look for the pressure grade. If you have an old garage door, it may not have been built to handle blast pressure during a storm. If your garage door does not meet the standard for the new pressure regulations, you may need to invest in a new door that has the pressure rate required to handle any storms in the future.

Also, look into an “active system” or “passive system” garage door. Those door choices can offer more safety during any kind of storm then a traditional door. While they are more expensive than a regular garage door, the safety of your house and that of your loved ones is priceless. A “passive system” garage door is straightforward to secure before any storm. You simply close it and lock it, and it’s good to go. An “active system” garage door requires that you install vertical wind supports to secure the door. These supports are removed after the storm has passed.

Garage Doors Services in Tamarac After a StormIf you find yourself in a financial dilemma over purchasing a passive or active system door, you can think about buying a retrofit kit for your current door. As long as the door is in excellent condition, correctly installing the equipment can shield you from 150-mile-per-hour winds. You can proceed with installation of these kits yourself, but it is advised to hire a professional to ensure correct installation. In Tamarac, Garage Door Pros is your best option for a garage door repair company. Not only can we help you with installing a retrofit kit, but we also offer services for any other kind of reinforcement or repair you would desire. Our professionals can even evaluate your current garage door and guide you in making the best decision regarding reinforcing your garage door, so you and your house stay safe during a storm.

Unfortunately, there cannot be a 100% guarantee reinforcements will always save your garage door. In some cases, when your property is directly in the path of the storm, damage does occur. However, you can take comfort in the fact that in the event of any disaster, Garage Door Pros can be at your service to promptly repair your garage door in Tamarac. We have qualified and experienced professionals that provide excellent service so that your garage door concerns are handled efficiently and correctly.

Hiring a reputable garage door repair company is crucial when you have storm damage to your garage door. Only experienced professionals will be able to tell you if your garage door is fixable or if you need to replace it.

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