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As a homeowner, you may find that your garage door isn’t working properly. Garage door problems happen to everybody. Issues can develop slowly, or they can burst forth without warning. Often it seems like everything’s fine one day, but the next, your door is on the fritz— and you need help to fix it. Let Garage Spring Repair Fort Lauderdale help fix your garage door there may be reasons why your garage door is malfunctioning.

Garage Door Repair Fort Lauderdale Fix Your Malfunctioning Photo-Eyes

Garage Spring Repair Fort LauderdaleA common reason for a garage door, not closing can be a malfunctioning photo-eye. Photo eyes are there to keep the garage door from closing if an object passes through the infrared beams. Photo-eyes need to be lined up correctly, if the alignment is thrown off it may cause your garage door to not close.

Also, if the lens on one or both of the photo eyes is dirty with debris, this can also cause your garage door to not operate. With both of these scenarios, your photo-eyes system assumes that there is an obstruction in the door. If your photo-eye is flashing that means an obstruction is in the path of the door. Let Garage Spring Repair Fort Lauderdale remove the debris and adjust the photo-eye until the indicator light is no longer flashing. Your door should now properly operate.

Call on Repair garage door Fort Lauderdale to Fix Your Broken Springs

A spring provides tension to help your garage door opener lift your garage door. This is an issue that the experts can usually diagnose fairly easily. Springs are typically directly above the garage door near the wall. It’s important to note that if you have two springs on your garage door, you’ll most likely need to have both springs replaced.

Crazy-Possessed Malfunctioning Remote Control Fort Lauderdale garage door service Can Handle That!

Check to make sure your remote control to your garage door opener is working properly. If you find that it’s only one garage door remote that doesn’t work correctly, your remote may just need a new battery. If you replace the battery in the remote and it still doesn’t work, give a reputable Garage Spring Repair Fort Lauderdale a call to diagnose the problem. A new garage door opener is typically not needed unless yours is more than 10 years old.

Noisy Garage Door Garage Door Repair Company Can Help

Noisy doors are very common and there can be a couple of reasons why your garage door is noisy. This issue can sometimes be fixed with a manufacturer recommended lubricant. Hinges, rollers, and springs should be lubricated regularly to keep these parts running smoothly for many years. If this isn’t the issue then contact your local Garage Spring Repair Fort Lauderdale to assist you with diagnosing the issue as you may need a replacement part for your garage door system.

We’re Garage Door Service Fort Lauderdale Whispers

garage door tune-upMalfunctioning garage doors are a headache to deal with (many times literally), not just because of the volume of their function, but also because the noise and other problems itself can be an indicator of a much larger issue concerning your garage door, whether it be faulty rollers, a bad spring, worn out cables, or the door isn’t opening on its tracks.

So how do you get your wife or neighbors off your case and make your mornings a little more peaceful without breaking your bank account? That’s where Garage Door Pros come in. We provide local garage door repair services across Florida. We guarantee quality and stay updated on the latest technology. Whenever you need us, we can come to you and repair your garage door unit.

Whatever the issue is, it’s our job to get it diagnosed quickly. We look at everything to make sure we’re getting the right answers. Tired of waking up the neighbors every morning as you leave for work with the sound of opening your malfunctioning garage door traveling down the block?

There are numerous potential reasons for a malfunctioning garage door, whether it has motor breakdowns and isn’t moving smoothly on its rollers, the broken sensors themselves haven’t been maintained properly and having issues with the door on its track, or even just because the door itself is outdated. No matter what the reason though, malfunctioning garage doors can be a nuisance. Good thing you came to Garage Door Repair Fort Lauderdale. Our experts can assess the reason for your garage door and repair it as necessary in no time, whether it’s a simple maintenance issue or you’re in need of a whole new door. Contact us today.