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Your home is your biggest investment, so keeping it in great shape is a necessity. There’s a lot you can do in and around your home to retain value and prevent deterioration. Many homeowners focus on the basics, such as exterior cleaning and even landscaping, but it’s surprising to learn how many people forget about garage door maintenance.

Your garage door is likely one of your primary access points. If you don’t maintain it, you could lose convenience, or, in the worst case, compromise the security of your home.

Learn why garage door maintenance is so important and find out who to call when you need garage door repair in Miramar.

Security and Accessibility: Why Miramar Garage Door Service is Essential

The primary function of your garage door is to provide accessibility. Most homes in Florida have attached garages with internal access. When you leave for the day or come home in the evening, chances are that you use your interior access to get out of and into your home. Without a functioning garage door, you’ll lose that access point and have to inconveniently park your car in the driveway or even worse, on the roadside.

This in itself makes life harder, but there’s something much more important to consider…

If your garage door isn’t working properly, then your home won’t be as secure as it should be. A door that doesn’t look secure, or that opens and closes erratically could become a target for opportunistic criminals, to gain access to your home through your garage. Even if they don’t make it through to your main living areas, they’ll have free access to anything that you have stored in your garage.

Most people have tools, sports equipment, and other valuable items stored in the garage. If you want to keep thieves out of your garage, you should have your garage regularly inspected and maintained by a professional garage door repair services company in Miramar.

Can You Maintain Your Garage Door Without a Garage Door Service?

Plenty of homeowners love to perform DIY repairs and maintenance, but this is not something that you should explore when it comes to your garage door. Door mechanisms can be complex, and even become dangerous if you try to work on moving parts without prior experience. Garage door accidents are responsible for severe injuries in the United States and around the world.

While you shouldn’t try to fix serious problems on your own, there are some things that you can do before calling for garage door repair. If you keep up with basic maintenance, you’ll be able to stop problems before they happen, or at least get help before they cause costly damage.

Checking That Your Garage Door is Balanced

An unbalanced garage door can be hazardous. Even if the problem doesn’t lead to injury, it could still cause damage to your property, vehicle, or garage door and motor.

Checking that your door is balanced is relatively simple, and you can complete the steps in just a few minutes.

  • Start by standing inside your garage. Close the door using your remote control. When it is completely closed, pull the emergency release to disconnect the door from the opening mechanism.
  • Lift the door halfway while keeping your body at a safe distance. Release the door and ensure that it closes smoothly without stopping.
  • Repeat the same step, but this time raise the door all the way up.

If the door gets stuck during these steps, it is out of balance. This is where your work ends, and the help of a Miramar garage door service is needed.

If you’re not confident with any of these steps, you can simply call a technician right away. Always make sure that pets and children are clear of the door whenever you test for balance.

Other Things to Look Out For

In addition to making sure that your garage door is balanced, you should also watch out for other problems. Any of the following symptoms can indicate that your garage door needs service as these are problems you should not try to fix on your own. In these instances, a professional Miramar garage door repair company is always your best option.

  • Your door won’t open or close.
  • Your door is getting stuck, is stuttering, or falls at an uncontrolled rate.
  • It is making knocking or squealing sounds.
  • Your garage door motor is whining or making unusual sounds.
  • Your door opens partially before closing again.
  • Your door works intermittently throughout the day or on different days of the week.

Trained professionals have the tools and experience to diagnose and repair faulty garage doors correctly. Best of all, they can perform repairs quickly and without risk of injury or further damage.

For garage door repair services in Miramar, you can rely on our team at Garage Door Pros for expert service with competitive quotes. Talk to us today and have peace of mind knowing that your home is secure.