Safety Tips: What to Do Between Garage Door Repair Visits

An automatic garage door is one of the most convenient features of a modern home. A functioning door can save time and increase home security. However, if you’ve neglected garage door repairs and maintenance, your system could be a risk to your vehicle, family, and even your pets.

Garage door safety should be a priority for every homeowner.

The best way to prevent property damage and injury is to perform yearly maintenance and repairs with a Tamarac garage door repair service. You can also perform the following steps between visits to keep your garage door in top condition.

10 Garage Door Safety Tips: 

Follow these tried and true tips to stay safe between regular Tamarac garage door service bookings.

  1. Keep your remote control in a safe place and away from children. Don’t use an older style clip remote in your car. Instead, invest in a garage door key fob remote that you can keep on you.

  2. Always read your owner’s manual thoroughly before operating a new garage door. This manual provides essential maintenance advice as well as health and safety information that will reduce the risk of injury from improper operation.

  3. When first installing a garage door, make sure that the control panel and any buttons or switches are out of reach of children. They should be slightly higher than the light switches in your home.

  4. Make it a habit to visually inspect your garage door regularly. We recommend doing this at least once every month. Look for signs of damage on springs, rollers, chains, and pulleys. Check your garage door tracks for bends, obstructions, and warping. If you notice anything wrong with any of the hardware, call a Tamarac garage door service immediately.

  5. Never put your hands in between garage door sections, tracks, or any moving parts. If you need to remove debris from your garage door hardware, use a brush or similar tool which keeps your hands at a safe distance. A falling garage door or sudden moving parts could cause severe lacerations or severed fingers in the worst-case scenario.

  6. Check your reverse safety feature each month after inspecting the door for damage. Place a block of wood, an old car tire, a plastic drum, or any kind of sturdy material underneath the garage door. Let the door close and ensure that it reverses after coming into contact with your chosen object. This reverse mechanism prevents crushing and other forms of serious injury. If your door is not immediately reversing, you need to book Tamarac garage door services as soon as possible.

  7. If you’re going to be away from your home for an extended period, turn off the power to your garage door opener and lock the door with an anti-kick device and a padlock.

  8. Ask your garage door repair technician about the security level of your door opener. If you have a unit that is more than ten years old, your family could be at risk. Newer units feature rolling code systems to reduce the chance of thieves being able to use radio frequency code grabbers. When you keep your garage door more secure, you minimize the possibility of home invasion and burglary.

  9. Don’t leave your door partially open, even if you’re inside the garage. This could lead to severe injury of pets and children. If you work in your garage often, consider investing in a split type air conditioner to keep the space comfortable without opening the door.

  10. Teach your children that the garage is not a place to play. Kids are particularly vulnerable around garage doors. Simply having a conversation and following common-sense safety practices will dramatically reduce the chance of injury.

Follow our safety tips to reduce risk around your garage door. When you notice problems or anything outside of the ordinary, always call a garage door repair company. DIY repairs could lead to malfunctions and may increase the risk of injury.

Book Trusted Professionals for Tamarac Garage Door Repairs

Book Trusted Professionals for Tamarac Garage Door Repairs

Garage door repair should never be a DIY project. Without proper tools and training, you risk serious injury or even death.

Don’t be careless when it comes to your health and safety. Instead, talk to local professionals for complete Tamarac garage door repair and maintenance services. Garage Door Pros is a local company with decades of experience in the industry. 

Our technicians are highly trained and can provide efficient and affordable repairs. Most importantly, safety is always a priority, so you can feel confident when enjoying the convenience of your automatic garage door.