7 Essential Garage Door Security Tips

An automatic garage door is one of the most satisfying conveniences that you can have in a modern home. It’s a helping hand any time that you are leaving home or coming back from a long day at work.

For most homeowners, an automatic system is essential. However, the garage door is also one of the biggest security risks. If your garage door is faulty or incorrectly installed, you might as well just invite thieves and intruders into your home.

It might surprise you to know that there are around three home burglaries every minute in the United States. Securing your garage door is essential if you are preparing to take a business trip, a vacation, or if you simply want peace of mind when you’re out for the day.

From Plantation garage door repairs and maintenance to quick security fixes, these are the steps you can take to keep your home and family safe.

1) Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Remote in Your vehicle

Older sun visor garage door openers might be convenient, but they’re also risky when it comes to your garage door security. Never leave your garage door remote inside your car, because if a thief breaks into your vehicle, they will also gain access to your garage door opener and your home. What starts as only a car break-in could lead to an expensive burglary or even a terrifying and potential deadly home invasion. Instead, keep it with you in a pocket or your bag. 

If you don’t want to carry a bulky remote with you (and we recommend that you don’t), you can simply follow step two for a more convenient way to open and close your garage door.

2) Invest in a Key Fob Garage Door Opener

Bulky door openers were once the norm; however, today, remote control technology has been miniaturized, making opening and closing your garage door more convenient than ever before. Invest in a garage door key fob opener. You can carry this on your keychain, and you’ll never have to worry about getting caught out without your remote.

3) Install a Peephole in Your Garage Door

We often think of garage door security while we’re away from home, but there’s still a risk even if you’re inside. Install a wide-angle garage door peephole for your protection. If you’re working in your garage, you’ll be able to take a look through the lens to identify any unexpected visitors or to investigate any suspicious activity or disturbances outside. A peephole keeps you safe while you assess the situation.

4) Deadbolt Your Internal Entryway

The internal entry from your garage into your home is a common access point for opportunistic criminals. A well maintained and locked garage door can deter would-be thieves, but there’s always a risk that someone could still gain entry to your garage.

Install a deadbolt on your internal door and keep it locked. This adds an extra layer of protection and deterrence.

5) Never Leave Your Garage Door Open

An open garage door is an invitation to unscrupulous persons passing through your neighborhood. Even if you’re inside the home or garage, keep the door closed.

6) Lock Your Garage Door When You’re Leaving Town

From Plantation garage door repairs and maintenance to quick security fixes, these are the steps you can take to keep your home and family safe.

Forced entry garage door repair is a common service in Plantation. Thieves can break into a garage door in less than ten seconds using widely known techniques. Even if you have a modern garage door with a more secure locking system, criminals can simply use brute force to gain access; however, an anti-kick device can give you all-day security. If you’re going to be away from home for days or weeks, make sure you padlock your garage door throw latch to minimize the chance of forced entry.

C-clamps placed on door rails can also be used to protect your home when you’re not around.

7) Keep Up with Maintenance and Plantation Garage Door Repairs

Any form of malfunction will make your garage door less secure. If you notice problems with locking, opening, and closing, or remote activation, it’s time for Plantation garage door repair. Trusted local technicians can perform a complete safety and security inspection for your peace of mind.

Plantation garage door services are affordable and will keep your home and family secure.

Trust in Plantation’s On-Call Garage Door Service 

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