You’re heading off to work and have backed out of the garage. You’re a few minutes late, but that’s OK, your automatic garage door saves you some time… Except, in this case, it doesn’t. You hit the button on your remote, and there’s nothing. Your garage door won’t close!

What to Do When Your Garage Door Won’t Close

This is one of the most common issues faced in the Hollywood garage door repair industry. It’s also one of the most serious security problems that you can encounter as a homeowner.

Your garage door is probably a key entry point for your home. When it’s working, it’s a blessing and one of the best creature conveniences in life, but when it doesn’t function, you have a big problem.

While a malfunctioning garage door can put a damper on your day, you can take some steps to troubleshoot the problem. Follow our simple guide and learn when it’s necessary to call a Hollywood garage door repair company.

Check the Lock-Out Button

Modern garages come with a vacation switch or lock-out button. This is probably installed close to the garage door on the interior of your garage. If you’ve never used the button before, you may have forgotten that you even have one. It’s usually on the same control panel as the garage door light, which could help you to find it quickly.

For inexplicable reasons, sometimes the vacation or lock-out switch gets set to the on position, effectively preventing your garage door from responding to your remote. Reset the switch and try your door again. If it works, then you’ve found the problem. You can close the door, get back in your car, and get on with your day.

Crisis averted. However, if it doesn’t work, try this next step.

Check for Obstructions Around the Garage Door Sensors

Modern garage door openers are sophisticated machines. For safety, your system will have sensors installed to stop the door if there’s anything in the entryway. It’s not uncommon to find that something in your garage has fallen in front of a sensor, rendering your door inoperable.

This one’s an easy fix. Simply clear the obstruction from in front of your sensor. Try your remote again, and in 90% of cases, you’ll be back to full functionality.

If there are no visible obstructions, check to see if the sensors are working or if there is any dust or other debris on your sensors. Simply wipe, blow, or brush off anything that could be triggering a sensor.

This is also a quick and easy fix that catches many owners out. Checking your sensors could save you from a garage door repair callout on an otherwise busy day.

Check for Any Other Obstructions Around the Door or Opening Mechanism

Your garage door won’t work if it detects resistance. This prevents damage to property and injury to people who might be in the path of the door. Think of it as an extra insurance policy on top of the sensors.

Remove any obstructions from around your garage door and try your remote again. If everything’s goes back to working as it should, congratulations you’ve fixed the problem. You can now get back to your morning routine.

Hollywood Garage Door Repairs When You Just Can’t Get the Door Closed

Hollywood Garage Door Repairs When You Just Can’t Get the Door Closed

If you’ve checked the basics with no luck, you need to talk to a Hollywood garage door repair service as there are some aspects of troubleshooting that should be left to the professionals. You should never attempt to repair installation problems, failures in the motor, or electrical issues. Doing so could cause further damage to your door and could even put you at risk of injury or electric shock.

A Hollywood garage door repair service will be able to visit your home, find the problem quickly, and get right to work on any necessary repairs. 

Of course, not every garage door repair company is created equal. Some will leave you with fixes that are less than optimal, or you could end up waiting even when you’ve checked, double-checked, and triple checked your appointment time.

You won’t have this problem when you call our team at Garage Door Pros.

With over 900 five-star reviews and impeccable service history, we’re the premier choice for all garage door maintenance and repair services in South Florida. We take great care to ensure that our services are on time and that our repairs are long last lasting and completely safe.

Don’t risk the security of your home. A malfunctioning garage door could be an open invitation to opportunistic thieves. Talk to us today and enjoy the best Hollywood garage door service.