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Your garage doors are something that you probably take for granted. You use them every day, and you don’t think about whether they need maintenance, or replacing entirely. However, like any mechanical object, your garage doors do have a lifespan. How long can you expect them to last, and how can you keep them working for longer? Our garage door service in Plantation have all of this advice for you, and more.

How Long Should A Garage Door Last?

The average life span of a garage door can depend on a lot of factors, which we’ll cover momentarily. However, the basic rule will depend on whether you have a manual or automatic garage door.

If you have a manual garage door, you can expect it to last for around 15-30 years. If you have an automatic garage door, then it can last around 10-15 years.

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What Affects The Lifespan Of A Garage Door?

There’s a lot of wiggle room in the average lifespan of a garage door, and for good reason. There’s a lot of factors that will affect your door, and how long it can go without being replaced. These include:

  • Good maintenance: Every garage door should be serviced at least once a year. It catches any problems before they become insurmountable, so they can be mended quickly. By doing this, you keep the garage door working for a lot longer than you’d think.
  • Climate: Here in Florida, we can have some spectacular storms and other inclement weather. This can take its toll on your garage doors. Debris and wind can do some real damage to your door. If it’s not taken care of in a timely manner, you can end up with more problems like electrical damage and mold, that will shorten the life of your garage doors.
  • How often the door is used: This is simple wear and tear. If you use your doors more often, the moving parts in them will get worm out more quickly. Of course, you can mitigate this damage by having a garage door repair company come and do an annual check-up on them, replacing parts where needed.
  • Construction and quality: Of course, one of the most important factors in the lifespan of your garage doors is their initial quality. If you buy good quality, well-made doors, they’re going to last longer than cheaper doors. The material they’re made of can affect the longevity of them as well. Wood, for example, can become warped and let in water. Metal doors can buckle and break if under stress.

How Can You Keep A Garage Door Going For Longer?

So you know that there’s a lot of factors in determining how long your garage doors will last. However, you’ll find that having your doors maintained at least once a year can go a long way towards avoiding replacement doors.

Plantation garage door serviceHere at Garage Door Pros, we take pride in having the experience you need in maintaining your doors. You can call us to come and give your doors the once over. Our Plantation garage door service will check out your doors and give you a free, no obligation quote. That way, you can know you’re getting the best deal, and won’t feel rushed into using a service.

In our quote, we’ll let you know exactly what needs repairing on your door, and break down the costs for you. We can then come at a time and date to suit you, and carry out the work on your doors. Our engineers have the experience to get the repairs done quickly and professionally, so you’ll have fully working garage doors again in no time.

As you can see, there’s not an easy answer as to how long your garage door will last. However, you can keep them working for longer. It all depends on the choices you make. Buy good quality doors, have them maintained regularly, and they can last for as long as you live in that same home.

We can help you maintain your garage doors for as long as you have them. Call on us when they need a check-up, and we’ll have them as good as new in no time.