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garage door tune-upGarage door repair in Miramar is a necessity regardless of how well-taken care of this component of the home is throughout the years. Garage doors play an important role in protecting the garage from outside elements, but many factors can cause them to break down. These factors also take into account the materials the garage door is made out of and how well it’s maintained throughout the years. The type of door model is another vital piece of information too since there can be up too several hundred pounds of pressure on one garage door.

One of the major components of a garage door that can break down is the torsion springs that allow the garage door to function properly. The springs are able to twist and rotate under applied force and are built to operate in a turning manner. Torsion springs are often used in place of hinges since they offer a counterbalance and are excellent for lever return applications.

What Causes Torsion Springs to Break Down?

There are many factors that can cause torsion springs to break down that require garage door repair in Miramar. Just common wear and tear, bad maintenance, and rust are all causes of torsion springs breaking down. The springs need to remain flexible and properly balanced in order to continue to operate.

When the springs are not well-maintained are continuing to be used long after the point of their prime they will eventually start to warp and deform. The average residential garage door spring can typically last about ten thousand individual opening and closing cycles. The commercial and industrial variety of these springs can last up to four times as long, but will usually cost double the price since they’re higher quality springs.

How Can Rust Be Avoided?

Rust is a common factor when it comes to garage door repair in Miramar and it can affect even the most flexible and toughest of springs. High humidity, excess moisture, and trapped water can all be leading causes to rust in springs. Torsion springs typically have a steel coil that gives the spring its flexibility and strength.

When rust begins to set in, it weakens the core of the steel coil and this causes an increase in friction. This causes the torsion spring to continually drag when it’s moving back and forth and overtime if left unchecked, will weaken the spring to the point where it will eventually snap in half.

How Can You Avoid Rust Buildup?

garage door repair services in MiramarOur garage door repair services in Miramar are unmatched since we provide excellent service to our clients from the moment they pick up the phone and give us a call. One of the cornerstones to having a long lasting garage door is to keep it well-maintained to help it last longer. Many people will have a regular maintenance routine they go through every couple of weeks or months when it comes to their garage door to ensure it keeps working properly.

Rust is a major concern when it comes to torsion springs and the key is to keep it from building up over time. Applying a lubricant every couple of months will help reduce the buildup of rust on the springs and prevent friction from increasing. The lubricant application will also help to ensure the spring is continuing to work smoothly and help it to keep operating until it reaches the end of its cycle.

Torsion springs are one of the key components of an operational garage door and should never be handled by anyone other than a professional. These springs can have a bad snapback when they break that can cause serious or even fatal injury if handled improperly. Remember to always leave the repair of the garage door to the professionals and never attempt to do any yourself unless it’s basic maintenance. We know the ins and outs of garage door repair and will have yours repaired as soon as possible.