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garage door repair in SunriseGarage door repair in Sunrise is a service people know they can rely on when it comes to one of the most important components of their home. Garage doors work on a system of pulleys to rise up and down with intricate mechanisms that work in tangent with one another. When one component begins to wear away the entire system to start to break down resulting in expensive repairs or in worst case scenarios, a costly replacement.

One of the calls no one ever wants to make is to have the repairman come out to open their garage door if they’ve lost the remote control to open and close their garage door. It’s inconvenient to be ready to head out in the morning to work or an appointment only to realize at the last minute you don’t have the remote to open your garage door. This can put a halt to any plans you made for the day and forces you to either wait or hope you find the remote for the garage door in time.

Extra Security

The keyless entry system is excellent when it comes to garage door repair in Sunrise if you want a way to ensure there is an extra layer of security for your home. While having a remote on hand for your garage door is fine chances are you probably have people visiting or the remote goes missing every now and again. The keyless entry system, usually an installed keypad, provides you with a way to open the garage door. Instead of handing out a key to a close friend or family member who may be house sitting, you can simply assign a guest pin for limited use. You can even do this if you’re expecting the company to drop by so they can get in when you’re not home.

Peace of Mind

The worst situation to be in is to be locked out of the house and unable to open the garage door. The secondary entry into the garage by using a keypad provides peace of mind since you won’t have to worry about having your remote on hand each time you’re in and out of the garage. Whether you’re doing yard work, out walking the dog, or just talking to a neighbor in the driveway you don’t have to worry about having the remote on hand. This can be a nice convenience too if you’re constantly in and out of the garage and don’t want to worry about carrying around the remote everywhere you go.


garage door repair services in SunriseOne of the caveats of garage door repair services in Sunrise is when a remote goes missing, sometimes it’s gone for good. Keypads provide an easy way to open the garage door without having to carry around the remote everywhere. Remote controls can also be unreliable and stop working due to the battery being dead, flaws, or being dropped in water.

The keypad provides a more reliable way to get the garage door open when needed in case of one of these emergencies. Can you imagine only having a remote to open and close the garage door, only to find out several hours later it doesn’t work anymore? Now that’s a hassle no one deserves since it’s just a waste of time and usually results in a phone call to get the garage door open.


Keypads are reliable and they can have a battery backup installed along with a surge protector to ensure they keep working in case of an emergency. The best part is no wiring is necessary to have the keypads within range of the sensors leading to the garage door. No extensive wiring means the keypad is an easy installation and can start working on the same day it’s installed. Keyless door entry is the way to go for any garage door if you want peace of mind and convenience.