How to Properly Clean your Garage Door

Your garage door is an important, highly visible part of your home. Unlike other exterior parts of your home such as the walls, it is subjected to a lot of use, and perhaps, abuse, on a daily basis. You may open and close your garage door several times a day. Sometimes people have a basketball hoop attached to the area on top of the garage door, and while playing, the garage door may be hit over and over again.

Clean your Garage DoorThen there are the natural elements that your garage door may be subjected to- summer heat and sun, snow or ice in the winter, humidity due to rain, and other weather changes. With so much to tolerate, your garage door can get dirty or damaged from time to time. So it is a good idea to clean and maintain it regularly to keep it looking good and functioning smoothly for a long time. Here are some handy tips for properly cleaning your garage door.

  • Wash both the exterior as well as the interior surfaces of your garage door with a mild detergent (such as a dishwashing soap) and a sponge, soft brush, or rag. Washing during the spring along with your other spring cleaning tasks, will make this something that you will not overlook.
  • Do not use harsh, abrasive detergents. These may clean a little quicker, but will damage your door, especially if it is painted. It will also adversely impact the seals.
  • Rinse the door thoroughly with water after applying soap, so that there is no residue and all the dirt gets washed off. However, do not use a pressure washer, as this can damage the surface too.
  • If there are areas that have more than dirt and road salt, such as oil stains or scuff marks, spot clean these areas. You can use a diluted bleach and water solution to clean oil stains. Never use bleach with any detergent, as it causes harmful fumes. You can also make a smooth paste of baking soda with warm water and use a soft cloth or scrub to clean scuff marks. Remember to rinse all surfaces thoroughly right after spot cleaning.
  • Every six months, after you wash your garage door, protect the finish of the door by using a good quality car wax.
  • If you find rust on any part of your garage door, call a good garage door repair company to inspect it and perform any repairs if needed. In Hollywood, garage door service can be done expertly, inexpensively, and in a timely manner by Garage Door Pros. As a leading garage door repair company in Florida since 2012, we are confident in providing you the quality of service that you will be completely satisfied with.
  • Remember to also clean the areas around your garage door. Dirt and debris that builds up around it can easily get on the door again and affect the look and function of your garage door. Also remove objects around the garage door that can fall over and damage the garage door, damage the tracks, or block the path of the garage door and prevent it from functioning properly.
  • As a final step, check the springs, tracks, and other hardware for your garage door to make sure that everything is in good working condition. You may also want to clean and lubricate for smooth functioning of parts. Any loose screws or nuts can also be easily tightened before anything falls apart.

Hollywood, garage door repairRemember, while cleaning your garage door can certainly be a DIY job, any breakages, dents, gaps, and other functionality issues should be resolved by hiring a professional garage door repair company. Your garage door is very heavy and has different hardware and electrical parts that all function together to make it work efficiently. Without proper knowledge and training, not everyone can safely fix anything that may go wrong with it. So letting professionals handle the job is the best solution.

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