Five Reasons your Garage Door Isn’t Working

The garage is a very useful area of your home. Not only is it used to park vehicles, it can be used for a variety of another purpose. Your garage can also function as a storage area, a play room, a home office, a spare bedroom, and more. Needless to say, you need your garage to be a clean and safe area. The most common problem that many people have with their garages is that the garage door malfunctions. If this is the case, anything in your garage is open to the outside and is not secure. Scheduling an appointment with a garage door repair company as quickly as possible is the best thing to do. While professional experts can inspect and repair your garage door, here are five common reasons that may prevent your garage door from working.

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  1. There is a blockage in the garage door’s path or the photo eye is misaligned

The two tiny photo eyes on either side of the garage door transmit an invisible beam between each other to detect if there is anything the garage door’s path that can prevent it from closing. Sometimes the eyes get misaligned or dirt gets on them that prevents them from functioning properly, causing issues with your garage door. Make sure that the eyes are in line with each other and are clean.

Garage doors have a reversing mechanism that prevent it from crushing anything in their path. So if there is even a small object in your garage door’s path, say, a toy or piece of cloth, you will see your garage door close part of the way and then go back up. Removing the object(s) will take care of this issue if there is no other problem with your garage door. Sometimes buildup on the tracks of the garage door also prevent it from functioning properly. Wiping down the tracks with a damp rag periodically helps to prevent buildup from occurring.

  1. The tension springs or cables are broken

If your garage door closes quickly or with a bang, the problem might lie with the springs or cables. Due to the fact that the springs support the entire weight of your garage door, they are under great strain and may sometimes break. A reliable garage door repair company can help to repair or replace the springs for you. Garage Door Pros in Plantation, FL is one such company. With experts certified and trained in all aspects of garage door maintenance and repair, we are proud to be an industry leader since 2012. Broken tension springs or cables can be very dangerous, since there is nothing preventing your garage door from crushing anything under it. So the quicker you get this problem fixed, the better.

  1. Your garage door transmitter batteries are dead or there is something wrong with the transmitter

Sometimes the solution to your garage door not working can be as simple as your transmitter batteries needing replacement. Dead batteries will not allow a signal to be sent to your garage door to open or close. Just switch out the old batteries with new ones, and everything will work well again. Other than batteries, if your transmitter is out of range, or if it is jammed under a heavy object in your car, it may cause problems with your garage door opening and closing improperly. You may also need to change the frequency or reprogram your transmitter.

  1. Your garage door track is out of alignment

garage doorThis is another common issue for your garage door not working properly. The metal tracks that your garage door runs on, need to be properly aligned and smooth. If there are any bends, gaps, or debris, the garage door will not be able to move smoothly, creating a potentially dangerous situation. Garage Door Pros can fix this issue for you in a timely and efficient manner. We provide the best garage door service, Plantation, FL has.

  1. The power source is disrupted

This is another common reason for garage door issues. If you happen to unplug the power source and forget to plug it back in, or if the outlet goes out, your garage door will fail to operate. Checking the power and making sure that the circuit breaker, fuse, or GFCI are functioning properly, will help to fix the issue.

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