A functioning garage door can give you convenience, security, and complete peace of mind. Because automatic garage doors are so important in modern homes, it pays to keep yours in top working condition. While there are some basic checks that you can perform yourself, you should always refer to a qualified technician for complete garage door maintenance. 

Here’s how a Davie garage door repair contractor will keep your door working great for years to come.

Clearing Tracks of Rust and Debris

You can clear any debris from your garage door tracks by performing a quick visual inspection and using a brush or blower to clear out anything that will block the garage door. Be sure to keep your door locked and disconnect the motor while you are clearing the tracks.

However, if there is any rust on your tracks, you need to call a professional Davie garage door service to take care of the problem. Rust that develops over time will deteriorate your tracks and make them unsafe. Simply scrubbing it away is not enough to counteract the adverse effects of rust and ensure the safe functioning of your garage door.

Choosing a professional service to take care of this problem for you will give you complete peace of mind.

Tightening and Inspecting Hardware

Tightening and Inspecting Hardware

Most people use their garage door at least twice every day, which adds up to it opening and closing hundreds of times every year. This puts strain on the door materials, so it’s important to have the door hardware inspected at least every six months.

Movement and vibrations will cause nuts and bolts to loosen. Door tracks can start to pull away from the wall and ceiling where they are mounted. Even the motor unit can begin to loosen from its anchoring position over time.

It doesn’t matter how good your original installation was; inspection and tightening are necessary and will protect your investment. Davie garage door repair services can tighten moving parts and recommend any needed repairs.

Replacing Faulty or Damaged Garage Door Rollers

Rollers can last for up to seven years with proper maintenance. However, debris in the tracks and bent tracks, etc. can cause rollers to fail earlier. If you notice any chips, cracks, or other signs of wear on your rollers, you need to contact a Davie garage door repair contractor to replace them. Do not attempt to replace these on your own, and never remove the roller brackets. Some parts in your garage door system are under extreme tension and can cause serious injury if improperly removed or replaced.

Checking the Condition of Cables, Pulleys, and Springs

Checking the Condition of Cables, Pulleys, and Springs

Cables and pulleys connect your springs with the garage door, ensuring that it opens and closes smoothly and reliably. Knocking, creaking, and other unusual sounds from cables, pulleys, or springs could indicate a serious problem with your system.

Don’t attempt a DIY repair on cables or pulleys and don’t ever mess with the torsion spring. These parts are under tension and can be dangerous if mishandled. When you note unusual sounds or visible damage on your cables, pulleys, or springs you should call for garage door repairs immediately. 

Lubricating all Moving Parts

Lubrication is essential to prolonging the lifetime of your garage door tracks, rollers, and other moving parts. A professional contractor will know exactly where to look to check whether lubrication needs to be applied. A service company will first clean any stuck parts with a penetrating solution, before using an oil or lithium-based grease to protect against corrosion and premature wear.

Fixing Issues with Door Balancing

If your door is sagging to one side or getting stuck when opening and closing, it is probably off balance. In addition to being inconvenient, balancing problems cause long term wear on your garage door moving parts and the electric motor. You can test for balance by disconnecting the garage door from the motor using the release mechanism. Pull the door up to around halfway and ensure that it stays in place. If it doesn’t, you most likely have a balancing problem.

A Davie garage door repair contractor will rebalance your door to prevent failure and damage.

Trust in the Best Davie Garage Door Repair Service

Your garage door system is made up of numerous moving parts, some of which are complex, and some of which can be dangerous if mishandled. Garage door maintenance and repairs in Davie are best left to the professionals.

Garage Door Pros is the company to call if you want professional, reliable, and affordable garage door repairs. Our highly trained technicians ensure you get the longest life from your garage door, without risk of failure, damage, or injury.

Contact us today to book a technician and rest easy knowing that your home is safe, secure, and as convenient as ever.