As a homeowner, it’s natural to have some inclination towards DIY repairs and maintenance around the house. While there are plenty of projects where DIY does make sense, garage door maintenance and repairs don’t fall into that list.

While garage door repairs for your Hollywood home might seem simple, they actually require a unique skill set backed by years of training. Trying to DIY these repairs often leads to future problems, failures, and even damage or injury. Before you get your toolkit out, take a look at five reasons why DIY garage door repair isn’t the best option.

Incorrect Maintenance and Repairs Can Make Problems Worse

If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing when working on your garage door, you can make problems worse, or even create entirely new problems.

Professional technicians undergo extensive training to understand the in-depth mechanisms of garage doors, including motors and all moving parts. Even if you find a tutorial video or article online, a single mistake can cause additional damage or malfunction and put you in a worse position than when you started, leading to a higher repair bill.

Some things around your home require expert attention. For complete peace of mind and the best outcome, always rely on professional garage door repairs in Hollywood.

Tensioned Parts Can Be Extremely Dangerous

Garage door injuries are more common than most people realize. Every year, there are countless garage door injuries reported around the world, some of which are directly related to DIY repairs. Data is not collected yearly, so it’s difficult to determine just how common DIY injuries are today. However, NEISS Hospital Annual U.S. Garage Door Injury Statistics show 1,610 DIY related garage door injuries that year alone.

Take your garage door springs as an example. The torsion springs used on some garage doors are incredibly dangerous if mishandled or poorly maintained. When you compromise the torsion springs though DIY maintenance, you risk them coming loose with extreme mechanical energy. This can lead to blunt trauma or even serious lacerations. Why take a risk when you can simply call a garage door repair company to perform the work without the chance of something going wrong?

A Faulty Door Can Cause Death or Injury

A falling garage door can be deadly. When you perform maintenance on your door, if you don’t hang it properly or reconnect all the moving parts, you open yourself up to the risk of a devastating fall. Pets and children are the most vulnerable, but anyone can potentially get caught out by a poorly maintained door.

Even if nobody is injured, a falling door can cause serious damage to your car or other property. The best way to avoid this is to hire a reputable Hollywood garage door technician.

You Can Use the Wrong Parts or Fix the Wrong Problem

There are unscrupulous parts companies out in the world who will convince you that all garage doors use the same parts, that generic parts are as good as originals, or that you can get away with using parts designed for another door system. None of this is true.

When you go the DIY route, you can end up using parts that aren’t specifically designed for your garage door, which increases the risk of personal injury or damage to your car. Even if you think you’re buying the right thing, you can end up with low-quality replacement parts that fail over time.

There’s also a risk that you will misidentify a problem and ‘fix’ the wrong part of your garage door system. This will leave you right back at square one, wondering why you didn’t simply call a Hollywood garage door service company in the first place.

Of course, cost also comes into this situation. Don’t waste money on parts and tools that you don’t even need. DIY garage repair simply doesn’t make sense. No matter which way you look at it, there’s too high a risk of injury, improper repairs, and financial loss.

Where Can You Get the Best Hollywood Garage Door Service?

You’ve seen why DIY isn’t a great idea when you need Hollywood garage door repair and maintenance. Now learn about the best company to call when something goes wrong.

Garage Door Pros is the most trusted garage door service company in South Florida. Our experienced technicians quickly troubleshoot and address any problems with your garage door, using the highest quality and correct parts for your system.

When you want complete peace of mind without having to worry about misdiagnosed faults, damage, or injury, you should always insist on licensed, bonded, and insured technicians in Hollywood.

Contact us today to book our services. We operate Monday through Sunday and offer 24/7 callout for any of your garage door emergencies.