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How can something as small as a simple spring be totally responsible for your recent garage door issues? The wrong size spring or worse, a broken spring, can cause serious issues with your garage door. A properly fitted, non-broken spring will create a safe and balanced garage door. An improperly fitted spring or broken spring can potentially damage the opener, wear on the cables, and cause a safety hazard, plus a lot more. Weston garage door repair services are here to help. Find out if a broken spring is responsible for your garage door issues!

2 Types of Garage Door Springs

Weston garage door Repair CompanyDepending on the garage door type, there are two different types of garage door springs. There are extension springs and torsion springs. Torsion springs will turn as the door is opened and closed. Extension springs extend as the door moves and helps to balance the garage door. A typical spring, any type, lasts anywhere between 10 to 14 years or about 15 to 20 thousand cycles, but we aren’t asking you to keep a tally. Weston garage door Repair Company suggests replacing all the springs in the even of one snapping or breaking. This is advice is largely in part for cost effectiveness. If one breaks, it is likely the others will need to be replaced soon. It’s best to replace them all at once rather than do it on an as needed basis.

How to Tell if a Spring is Broken

Typically, a spring will break as the garage door is in motion. So you, a family member, or a pet is likely nearby. You will hear a loud “spring” type noise. If the garage door is closed as this happens, it will be very difficult to get the door back open without the help of a professional. Garage doors are surprisingly heavy and without those handy springs, nearly impossible to open manually. If a door has been moving slowly or acting funny, it’s likely because a spring is about to break. If a spring does end up breaking, you will definitely know. A broken spring is not only a nuisance but also a potential for a serious hazard or harm.

Reasons Why Springs Break


Like anything, as the springs age, so natural wear and tear sets in and their ability to do their job effectively and efficiently decreases. The springs are responsible for supplying the additional energy in assisting with the door lifting, so they take the brunt of the abuse throughout the years.


Corrosion is a naturally occurring process, and depending on where you live, could happen faster than it would in other places. If a door’s springs become old, rusty, or filled with grime or get wet often, the dust and other elements can corrode the metal material causing the spring to become weak and brittle. You can spot rust pretty easily and any amount of rust should be taken care of immediately, especially if you want to ensure the lifespan of your door.


Weston Garage Door Repair servicesGarage doors do require maintenance once in awhile. A door that has been improperly cared for will eventually fail and in most situations, break. To properly care for the garage door, once per season (spring, summer, fall, and winter), oil the mechanisms and check the door’s balance. You can do this by lifting the door halfway then releasing it. If the door drops down a bit instead of immediately sitting still, the springs are beginning to wear out.


Weston garage door repair knows not every company is as meticulous and proud of their work, this means that if we didn’t install it, there is a chance it was installed improperly. Always check a service company’s reputation by checking online and using word of mouth. Ask about their replacement and maintenance policies along with a door and springs warranty for total reassurance and comfort. Or just call us.

A broken spring can cause a headache of different problems; save the headache and call Weston Garage Door Repair services today to schedule a maintenance appointment. Need a new door? We install new, solid garage doors as well.