If you want your garage door to be as convenient as it is functional, then it’s time to invest in a motorized garage door opener with a keyless entry system. Offering the ultimate in convenience, a keyless entry system provides the same level of security as a manual garage door, with the difference being that you’ll be able to operate from a convenient remote control that you can keep in your vehicle or even on your keychain.

If you’re ready to find out more about keyless entry and Fort Lauderdale garage door repair services, then Garage Door Pros has you covered.

The Key Benefit of a Keyless Entry System

Fort Lauderdale garage door repair servicesThe most obvious benefit to a keyless entry system is that it will save you time when you are parking and removing your car from your garage. Think about every morning when you’re getting ready for work, or even to make the school run to drop the children off. You’re usually in a rush, and any minor setback can feel like a major inconvenience. Simply opening and closing your door would become a tedious process as you jumped in and out of the car to make sure your door was secure before you left the home. With a keyless system, there’s no time wasted, and when your door is closed, you’ll be sure that it is secure and unable to be accessed without your remote control or by using the keypad built into your garage.

When your system is working, you won’t even need to think about it. Simply press a button and your door will open or close. With modern systems, you will even have safety sensors built into the design, so if your vehicle, an object, or even a person is blocking the door, there will be no risk of damage or injury.

Unfortunately, despite all of the convenience and general reliability, things can still go wrong with your garage door unit and keyless entry system. If your door is not opening or displaying other unusual symptoms of defect or failure, be sure to book Fort Lauderdale garage door repair services to get you up and running again.

Are Keyless Entry Systems More Susceptible to Failure?

Garage DoorsYou might think that a keyless system would be more at risk of failing, considering it is more complex than a manual garage door. While such a system is definitely more complex, this doesn’t necessarily make it more prone to failure.

Modern keyless entry garage door systems are designed using the latest technology with radio communication for remotes, battery backup, and the general moving parts are all made from the same high-quality materials that you will find in a standard motorized garage door system. Top brands like Chamberlain have invested significant amounts of money into developing reliable systems for your garage, so you’ll never have to trade convenience for reliability.

However, this does not make keyless systems immune to failure, so you’ll still need to rely on a local Ford Lauderdale garage door repair company when you have problems with your system.

One of the most common problems is a door that won’t open or close from the remote or the keypad. This can be caused by a wiring error, depleted batteries in the remote control, or a power failure at your home. These problems are relatively easy to diagnose when you call a professional, so make sure that you call us first when you need garage door service Fort Lauderdale.

Other problems aren’t specifically related to the keyless system but are inherent to all garage doors. Problems like squealing garage door tracks, a sagging garage, slow opening and closing, or erratic behavior, can all occur with a keyless entry garage door. When you notice any unusual problems with your door, perform the basic troubleshooting of checking for obstacles, clearing debris from the door tracks, and ensuring that the main unit is receiving power.

If you’ve checked that everything is as it should be, then get in touch with us and we’ll send out a technician for garage door repair Fort Lauderdale.

The Best Fort Lauderdale Garage Door Repair Services

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