Your garage is a very important part of your home, yet it may be the most overlooked. While we think about making the rooms in our homes functional and beautiful, and also work to have an appealing yard, the garage becomes a place to store stuff and park our vehicles. The garage, unfortunately, is not given much attention —-until the door stops functioning or breaks down.

garage doorsThese are two of the most common problems with your garage door. Since your garage is completely open to the outside in such a scenario, getting the door fixed ASAP becomes a top priority. As you can guess, having a non-functional garage door can cause major stress for you. So wouldn’t it be a good idea to keep your garage door in the best working condition possible, so there are no unpleasant surprises?

There are steps you can take to keep your garage door in good condition. For routine maintenance, one of the best garage door companies is Garage Door Pros in Hollywood, Florida. At Garage Door Pros, we have been providing garage door repairs, replacement, and maintenance as an industry leader since 2012. We have many satisfied customers who can attest to our expert, timely, and affordable services.

We work with all types of garage doors and can fix any issues. As far as maintenance, checking the garage door for problems and catching small issues and fixing them before they become big issues, is essential. Given below is a list of things either you or your garage door repair company should pay attention to when servicing your garage door.

Tune up Checklist for your Garage Door

  • Appearance. Begin with the basic look of your garage door. Do you see any peeled paint, any cracks, or dents? If your door is made of wood, look for any signs of water damage. Rust spots on a metal door also signal water damage. Any repairs needed should be done immediately.
  • Hinges and bolts. These can get loose over a period of time since your garage door has many moving parts. Inspecting and tightening the bolts will prevent them from coming off and causing other problems or breakages.
  • Rollers. These allow the door to open and close and should be inspected. Lubricate them to keep them moving smoothly. Any damage or cracks to the rollers would need replacement. You may want to hire a reputable garage door repair company such as Garage Door Pros for this work. Our experienced professionals are available on our 24-hour hotline at 954-830-9661. We can perform repairs anytime you need.
  • garage door repair services Hollywood, FloridaCables and door springs. Inspection and any adjustments, repairs, or replacement of cables and springs is best left for trained professionals. The cables and overhead door springs are under immense tension and it can be very dangerous to work on them unless you are an expert. Our experienced and certified garage door technicians at Garage Door Pros perform the best garage door repair services Hollywood, Florida has. Our technicians are well-versed in all aspects of garage door spring and cable issues and will inspect and assess your situation before proceeding with any repairs or replacements if needed.
  • Function. Check that your garage door is functioning properly and smoothly as it is supposed to. Let the garage door go up halfway. It should stay at that level. If it continues to go up or falls down to the ground, then you need to call for service. If your garage door is not moving smoothly, check the tracks. Sometimes if there is any dirt or debris, it can prevent the smooth functioning of your garage door. Similarly, if the tracks are not level, it may also cause issues with your garage door. For adjustments or any repairs, call the professionals.

Preventative maintenance of your garage door can save you a lot of hassle and expenditure. A few small steps and simple fixes can prevent the little issues from becoming big. Garage Door Pros can be your partner in providing the most efficient garage door service Hollywood, Florida has to offer. You cannot go wrong with the expert technicians and the unparalleled services provide by Garage Door Pros.