Replacing your Garage DoorAs one of the most prominent and visible elements of your home, your garage door can greatly contribute to the look of your house. It can boost your home’s style and beauty. Other than this aesthetic purpose, your garage door is, obviously, very important for keeping your garage and its contents safe. If you are like me, you may open and close your garage door multiple times a day as you or your family members leave, or return from outside. Like me, you may also have experienced the stress of having your garage door become non-functional. If so, you know how urgent and important it becomes to get your garage door repaired quickly, so you can get on with your day.

Sometimes, however, repairing your garage door may not be an option. With regular use and wear-and-tear over time, various parts of your garage door may break down. It is also possible that your garage door may get severely damaged due to an accident. In such cases, replacing your garage door might be the right solution. Another reason to replace your garage door may also be to update the look of your house. Whatever the reason, replacing your garage door with another that will work best for you and your family is important. Here are six tips for replacing your garage door.

1. Choose the right material. In recent years garage doors have come a long way from the standard wood doors. Now you can find garage doors manufactured from fiberglass composites, steel, and aluminum. Each of these have their own pros and cons. Steel doors, for example, are strong, secure, easy to maintain, and affordable. They will not warp or crack like wooden garage doors. But they can never have the warm, natural look of a wooden door. Similarly, fiberglass and aluminum doors are lightweight, but can easily break, bend, or dent. Carefully think about the weather you live in and how you use your garage door before choosing the most suitable material for your garage door.

2. Look for styles that will go well with the style of your house. You will be truly amazed at the variety of choices available for your garage door these days. You can find sleek, simple, modern styles, doors with arched windows, the traditional carriage-house doors with crossbucks and detailing, and more. The trick is to find a style that complements your house.

3. Consider your budget. You can buy a simple, basic garage door for as little as $400, while the high-end ones can cost you several thousand dollars. Think about how much you can comfortably spend on a garage door and then get bids from several dealers to get the best price on the door of your choice. Remember, you can expect your garage door to last you for years, so invest wisely.

4. garage door repair Plantation, FLSafety is important. Consider the safety factor of the garage door you pick. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, for example, make sure your garage door is going to be able to withstand the elements. A reinforced, “storm ready” door would be the ideal choice. And if you’re in a rush, Garage Door Pros located in Florida can provide emergency installation services. Our trained and certified staff provides the best garage door repair Plantation, FL has.

5. Look into insulated doors. Even though most garages are not heated, they can still impact your home’s energy efficiency. If your garage is attached to your house, it is best to purchase an insulated door, especially if there’s an occupied room above your garage. This will help reduce both noise and utility bills.

6. Is this a DIY project for you? Installing a new garage door is by no means an easy task. Remember, you will also need to remove your old garage door before you can install the new one. So unless you are a pro, or really confident, and have all the right tools, this job is best left to experienced professionals. A reputable garage door repair company such as Garage Door Pros in Florida, can quickly and easily replace your garage door, no matter what style or size.