garage door repair services in DavieHere at Garage Door Pros, we have the experience and expertise when it comes to garage door repair services in Davie. We understand how many homeowners rely on their garage door to keep their possessions clean, block out the elements, and to prevent unwanted visitors from getting inside. When your garage door begins to fall into disrepair though, how can you tell when it needs proper maintenance?

We want to help our customers to extend the life of their garage door as much as possible. There are a few signs you can look out for to tell when your garage door needs to be repairs.

When a Garage Door Begins to Make Strange Sounds

Davie garage door repair is very important for keeping garage doors in working order. One of the first signs to look for if you suspect your garage door is not working properly is when it begins to make odd sounds. Garage doors that screech or squeak when opening or closing can often be a sign that a spring or spring has become broken or loose. Collision springs in particular are notorious for needing to be replaced on garage doors.

Screeching may also indicate your garage door is off its track too. When a garage door is off the track it needs to be put back on it immediately or may stop working all together. Never attempt to try to replace or repair any of the garage door springs yourself. These springs are very tight and have been known to hurt inexperienced people who try to replace or remove them. Let us handle the job since it requires special expertise and skill to replace these springs effectively.

Test Your Garage Door Every Couple of Months for Balance Issues

The idea of balance for a garage door may seem ludicrous, but in fact it’s a big part of how the door operates too. Balancing issues with your garage door needs a Davie garage door repair service to get your door back into tip top shape. The best way to test the garage door’s balance is to pull it up manually. Pull the door open using the emergency lift and pull the door up about halfway. Let go of the string and watch the garage door. The door should only fall about an inch or two before it stops, but if it crashes down this can mean the garage door needs to be repaired.

The garage door crashing down could indicate that the collision springs are broken and or not working properly. Testing your garage door for balance issues is highly recommended since it allows homeowners to catch problems early. The best time to test out your garage door’s balance is at least twice a year just to make sure it’s in good working order.

When Components or Other Parts of the Garage Door Begin to Rust or Fall Apart

Davie garage door repair serviceEvery garage door relies on a complicated pulley system to help them rise up and go down. This system is often powered by a motor so home owners don’t have to manually lift up the garage door. These components can often wear out, fall apart, rust, and at some point need to be replaced. When you start to notice either the springs or other areas of your garage door begin to show signs of heavy wear and tear, you may need a Davie garage door repair service.

One of the best ways to find out how worn out a garage door has become is to inspect the motor and other components. The springs on the motor should be well oiled and be able to work flawlessly. There are some cases where a garage door may squeak when opening depending on the type of motor that’s being used. This problem can be fixed by adding some more lubrication to the springs in order to make them more quiet.

Most of the time though, a garage door will often have to be replaced or heavily repaired. There are many cases where a part simply has to be replaced when the garage door itself is fine, but its components have begun to wear out. When the garage door itself begins to fall apart it needs to be replaced immediately. Here at Garage Door Pros, we also do garage door installations.

There are many ways to check to see if your garage door needs to be repaired or not. One of the best ways is to look for the warning sings before a small problem with your garage door becomes a big one.