0.20150731183431002.0.20150731183431002BHLYcWhen you open your front door to your home in the winter, a small gust of cold air comes in and is quickly dissipated within your heated interior. But when you open your garage door in winter, a large amount of cold air comes in, which cannot be dissipated because the garage is already cold.

But an insulated garage door can help keep your garage warmer as well as offer several other advantages you may not have considered. Here’s what you need to know, according to Garage Door Pros, an experienced Weston garage door repair shop.

  1. A Warmer Garage. An insulated garage door won’t keep your garage from being cold in the winter, but it can prevent it from being freezing. For example, if it’s 20 degrees F outside and your garage door is not insulated, the temperature in your garage will be just below freezing. But if you have an insulated door, your garage can be about 10 degrees ABOVE freezing! That can make a huge difference in the morning when you are trying to start your car or to the integrity of paint and other cold-sensitive items that you might store in your garage.
  1. A Quieter Garage Door. If your garage door is located underneath a bedroom or next to the side of a living area that you use frequently, then you’ll definitely want to consider the noise that the garage door produces when it is opened and closed. Insulated garage doors make much less noise than do non-insulated garage doors. That’s because while the door is going up and down, the insulation absorbs some of the vibration of the moving parts, thus making the door less noisy.
  1. A More Durable Garage Door. Insulated garage doors are more durable than non-insulated ones. Non-insulated doors are usually made with only one sheet of metal, which can be easily dented and creased. Insulation adds rigidity to the door panels, helping them withstand certain impacts, as well as the stress of constant raising and lowering. There are several different types of insulation from which you can choose.
  1. A Better Looking Garage Door. Because insulated garage doors are made from more than just a single sheet of metal, they will look better than non-insulated doors. And who doesn’t want their home to present its best face to passersby? You’ll find a variety of insulated garage door styles to match the curb appeal of your home.

Understanding the R-Value

How do you know how much insulation you need? If your primary goal is to help keep your garage warm, then you will need to consider the insulation’s “R-value.”

The effectiveness of the garage door insulation is expressed as an R-value. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation in the door. If you live in a very cold climate, then the R-value might be your top purchasing consideration. In warmer climates, such as those we have in South Florida, you might be fine with an insulated garage door with a lower R-value.

To give you a rule of thumb guide, a standard wall in a house has an insulation R-value of about 11. When choosing an insulated garage door, your best bet is to get one that meets or exceeds the R-value of the insulation in your specific house. Garage Door Pros’ expert staff can help you determine the best R-value for your Weston garage door repair.

We’re the Best in the Business

img-1If you’re convinced that you need an insulated garage door, then you should definitely consider using Garage Door Pros for garage door service in Weston. Our professional staff is trained and certified in all aspects of garage door repair and installation. They can help you figure out which insulated garage door will be best for your needs, whether your priority is noise reduction, warmth, or simply good looks. Based in South Florida, Garage Door Pros takes pride in our timely, effective, and inexpensive installation, repair, and maintenance services.

In addition to our excellent team of professionals, Garage Door Pros is proud of its commitment to competitive pricing for garage door service in Weston. We’ll be glad to come by to give you a guarantee that we can beat any other service quote by 10%! You won’t find that guarantee anywhere else!

And, we offer a wide range of garage door services in Weston ranging from installing insulated garage doors to replacing broken springs, replacing cables, fixing broken rollers and much, much more. We even offer annual maintenance plans and can handle the biggest, toughest commercial garage door installations.

So call Garage Door Pros now at 888-458-9699 to set up your Weston garage door repairs!